Whether you are looking for a simple electronic digital menu to display your menu items or a fully scheduled electronic digital sign network, complete with POS integration, our software & hardware will meet your goals.

ElectroMenu® will create your next generation electronic sign system.


Use our wireless keyboard and mouse to start creating & managing your digital menu and digital signage content across all networked units. 


The ElectroMenu® system is designed with all of the software you will need to create and run your digital menu and/or signage.

Electronic digital signs can be used in quick serve restaurants, bars, airports, hotels, amusement parks, government buildings, banks, salons, bowling centers, and virtually anywhere else as a way to increase sales, improve ambiance, and streamline business operations. At ElectroMenu® we pride ourselves in providing the best tools in the industry for your digital electronic signs.

Digital electronic signs replace traditional back-lit signs using electronic digital sign software. We have designed our software to work specifically for electronic sign applications. Advanced electronic sign technology offers engaging content which is better suited for catching the eyes and attention of those waiting to be served. Digital electronic signs can increase product sales by promoting specific items. This has been proven, in some cases, to lift sales above 25%.

Taylor Enterprises of WI, INC

Each ElectroMenu® Smart Controller connects to a high definition LED TV or monitor via VGA or HDMI cable.