11 HUGE (and Quick) Benefits of Ventless Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers produce some of Midwesterners’ favorite foods: mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, fried fish…the list can go and on and on. In addition to making customer favorites, ventless deep fryers come with a wide variety of ‘pros’ that make the ventless countertop deep fryer perfect for (almost) any commercial kitchen.

Makes Wide Variety of Foods

Ventless deep fryers can make a wide variety of menu items that customers love. There are a few exceptions, but overall deep fryers can make many customer favorites.

Fits in any kitchen

A countertop deep fryer has a small footprint, meaning it can fit into almost kitchen floor plan. Countertop deep fryers can fit in a small kitchen, like in a concession stand or convenience store, or in a larger kitchen with a lot of commercial kitchen equipment. Ventless deep fryers can sit on a counter or floor without any overhead space requirements.


Because ventless countertop deep fryers don’t require a hood, these units can be moved around as a kitchen floor plan changes and evolves. These compact units only require an electrical outlet and adequate room for the front loading and dispensing.

Cheaper Installation

perfect fry ventless fryer for convenience storesOne of the biggest benefits of a ventless deep fryer is that it doesn’t require a hood—and the cost of installing a hood. This typically makes the up-front installation cost of a ventless deep fryer less expensive than a traditional deep fryer. The actual unit may be more expensive than an open fryer (contact a professional for pricing), but the overall cost is cheaper without the added installation costs.

Easier Installation

Again, the lack of a hood means easier installation than a traditional deep fryer. Ventless deep fryers only require a small amount of space and an electric outlet.

Ease of Use

Many ventless deep fryers are automated, meaning that it’s easier to use. This means less training for employees (ideal for operations with short seasons or a variety of staff) and a product that’s easy to produce during busy lunch or dinner hours.

Quality Product (Every Time)

The automation of a ventless deep fryer translates into consistent product. Many units come with programmable pre-sets that guarantees the same hot, delicious product for every order.

Less Risk of Fire

Ventless deep fryers are completely enclosed, meaning there is a lower risk of fire from hot oil.

No Splatter

Deep fryers won’t splatter like an open fryer, giving kitchen managers more options for placement since the fryer doesn’t make a lot of mess. The enclosure also means that no dust or debris is able to get into the ventless deep fryer oil.

Safer for Employees

Because ventless deep fryers are enclosed, employees are less likely to be injured from hot oil. This benefit of a ventless deep fryer is extremely important in kitchens with young employees and removes a key concern for kitchen managers.

Perfect for Rented Spaces

Because ventless deep fryers are easy to install and move, these units are easy to move from kitchen to kitchen. This can be incredibly beneficial if the kitchen is in a short-term rented space.

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