3 Adults-Only Commercial Drink Coolers that Draw a Crowd

Some commercial coolers are for kitchen storage; other coolers are designed to attract customers, both in their appearance and for the product they produce. These commercial coolers score points in both areas, making them a draw for “more experienced” customers who are looking for a delicious, adults-only drink.

Wine Chillers

A wine chiller is the perfect commercial cooler for vineyards, restaurants, and any other business that wants to offer perfectly chilled wines. With customizable controls, wine lovers can set optimal settings for long-term or short-term storage. These commercial coolers come in single- and multi-temperature wine cabinets. The latter is perfect for businesses who need multiple controls to ensure optimal flavor in every bottle.

Quality commercial wine coolers also come with UV protection and cooling settings that ensures wine flavor is not influenced by sunlight and vibrations. To choose the right wine chiller, businesses should contact a professional commercial equipment company for their recommendation.


The Zamboozy is a popular commercial cooler that transforms beers and cocktails into signature adults-only slushies and frozen shots. The machine is able to produce light and flavorful slushies, and recover quickly before the next order comes in.

For aesthetics, these commercial coolers come with a backlit display that is easily customizable. The Zamboozy also lends itself to creativity as owners and managers brainstorm to come up with the next big slushie (or beer or cocktail flavor) that customers love.

Margarita Maker

Margaritas are a popular adult beverage, making a margarita machine a big draw at restaurants, campgrounds, and other businesses. These commercial drink coolers produce chilled adult beverages that the over-21 crowd love. Some margarita makers come with multiple hoppers that produce different flavors, such as original and strawberry (or another creative margarita flavor).

When choosing the right margarita maker, businesses should make sure that the machine can reach a temperature suitable for alcoholic drinks and holds enough mix for busy times. The right commercial drink cooler can provide a refreshing adults-only beverage on the hottest summer days and coldest Midwestern days.

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