3 Key Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Grill

A restaurant needs to be fully equipped in order to succeed. A reliable commercial grill is one of the many things you’ll need for a bar and grill business. 

While you may take a grill for granted, it’s necessary to cook a variety of foods like burgers and steak. There are models with griddles and flat tops, giving you some diversity with what you can make. 

Here are three key qualities to keep in mind when you’re buying a commercial grill for your restaurant. 

1. Durability

Higher-end grills should last longer than lower-end models. That durability is important for an appliance you’re expecting to use on a daily basis.

With less expensive grills, you may run into some problems. For example, it may begin to cook your food unevenly or not stay lit. The igniter could also get clogged.

Cast stainless steel burners will last longer and can handle higher temperatures. Luxury models with sear burners can reach temperatures of over 900 degrees. Higher temperatures can cause drippings to vaporize and come back into the food you’re grilling. 

2. Functionality

Commercial grills for your restaurant need to have the kind of functionality that suits your kitchen. Not every grill is made the same, and there are a variety of different models you can choose from. 

Some grills come with a double-lined hood that insulates heat and protects the outside appearance. Others provide larger burners that give you a wider, more evenly heated cooking space. 

You can also find clamshell grills that speed up the cooking process. They heat your food from above and below, meaning shorter wait times. 

The direction you go when purchasing a restaurant grill will depend on the type of food you make and how much you’re willing to spend. 

3. Overall Design

How a restaurant grill functions can make or break its usefulness, but the design and the cooking experience also matters. 

Models with flip-to-clean briquette trays let you add drippings back into your food. This can help cook your food evenly and add in some extra flavor. 

Some luxury grills also offer integrated lights, temperature gauges, and more. Smoker boxes add extra functionality to your grill that can help bring your food to another level. 

If you opt for a flat surface commercial grill, you’ll get a lot more surface area to work with. Panini grills let you press sandwiches to get a nice toasted texture.

Higher-end grills all bring something to the table to make the price worth your while, so consider your options.

Find a Reliable Commercial Grill

Buying commercial grills for your restaurant doesn’t have to mean digging into your savings. Consider what you primarily serve, the needs of your cooks, and what features would come in handy. 

A luxury commercial grill might improve the quality of your food, but it could mean buying fewer grills for your kitchen. If your Wisconsin-based restaurant needs help filling out your kitchen, reach out to Taylor Enterprises of WI. 

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