5 Things You Need to Know About the Flavor Burst Ice Cream Machine

The latest financial data shows that almost everyone loves ice cream. In fact, the global ice cream industry is valued at roughly $79 billion. Through 2030, it is forecasted to grow by 4.2% annually.

With so much demand for ice cream products, there are many new ideas and equipment hitting the market. Entrepreneurs unveil exotic flavors and concoctions to win new customers or retain existing ones.

One product yielding a lot of success is the Flavor Burst Ice Cream Machine. Read on to learn five things you need to know about this ice cream machine. Explore other related topics such as the benefits of investing in premium machines.

1. Flavors and Blends

The Flavor Burst machine offers restaurants nearly 60 different flavors and blends. Striped soft serve ice cream has 38 different flavors while there are another 17 flavor blends to choose from.

The primary option is vanilla soft-serve ice cream with a striped and colorful flavor around it. Candy-flavored treats are also an option for patrons.

This wide variety is appealing to customers looking to try new things. Children enjoy this feature as they can be creative with their ice cream flavors and colors.

2. Integration

Flavor Burst machines are easy to integrate into your existing equipment. You do not need to purchase a new soft-serve ice cream machine with Flavor Burst.

Rather, Flavor Burst works with existing freezers, ice cream machines, and other related equipment. You are provided with an adapter kit based on the type of equipment that your restaurant currently owns. All that you need to do is provide the make and model of your freezer or other equipment.

3. Easy to Use

Operating a Flavor Burst machine is not rocket science. Employees operate the machine using a touchscreen display.

You choose the flavor selection right on the screen. Then, the flavors or blends are dispensed from a single-source spout.

4. Easy to Maintain

Flavor Burst machines are also easy to clean and maintain. There is a clean-in-place system that is connected to a sanitation tank.

This is used to clean the single-source spout that dispenses flavors and blends. It also cleanses the syrup lines and other pumps within the system.

5. Return on Investment

Many ice cream vendors on the fence about Flavor Burst are wondering about the return on investment. They want to know whether investing in premium machines is worth it.

Most vendors with a newly added Flavor Burst machine are reporting increased sales. While increased sales depend on several factors, it is important to advertise your new flavors and blends. Let your customers know on social media and other outlets about your new offerings.

5 Things to Know About Flavor Burst Ice Cream Machines

You are now ready to install a Flavor Burst machine at your Wisconsin location. They are easy to integrate and use with existing equipment. They are also popular with customers and known to increase sales.

If you are interested in buying a Flavor Burst Ice Cream Machine, contact us today to speak with a sales representative.

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