5 Things You Need To Know About the Taylor Ice Cream Machines

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! If there’s any doubt that’s still the case, check out the ice cream sales figures for 2021. Ice cream producers across the country churned out over 1.3 billion gallons of the cold stuff and it is worth $13.1 billion to the US economy.

If you’re thinking about adding an ice cream machine to your Wisconsin business, there’s only one name to consider. A Taylor ice cream machine will keep your customers happy and provide great service even on the hottest day of the year.

Let’s explore 5 key things you need to know about the Taylor ice cream machine.

1. Taylor Means Soft Serve

A Taylor ice cream machine allows you to serve your customers with luscious soft serve ice cream, which has many advantages over hard serve. 

Some customers will appreciate that it contains lower levels of milk fat and more air, making it lighter than regular ice cream. Restaurant staff will appreciate an ice cream machine that is super convenient and easy to use. The resulting ice cream is also easy to blend with mix-ins and use in a decadent smoothie or milkshake.

A Taylor ice cream machine can also offer frozen yogurt, sorbet, custards, and non-fat ice cream options.

2. Wide Range of Ice Cream Machines

Taylor is proud to distribute its products in 125 countries. It has maintained its reputation as an industry leader by offering a range of outstanding ice cream machines.

Taylor’s entry-level machine is the 142 Soft Serve Freezer, which has a single 1.4-quart freezing cylinder and 8-quart hopper. It can dispense a single flavor and has a small countertop footprint.

At the other end of the scale is their twin twist, pump 8756 soft serve freezer. This floor-standing model features two freezing cylinders of 3.4 quarts each. It can pump individual flavors or a 50/50 combination of two flavors in a twist. 

The range also includes shake freezers, heat treat machines, and custard machines. 

3. Additional Features

For ultimate ease for serving staff, some models include integrated syrup rail options. For example, the C717 Soft Serve Freezer includes 2 room temperature syrup containers with lids and ladles. It also has 2 heated containers with pump dispensers.

4. Exclusively Available From Taylor Distributor Program

If you want to pick up a Taylor ice cream machine, you can’t contact Taylor directly. You’ll need to work with one of their distribution partners.

They also provide OEM parts and service. This does more than maintain your warranty. It also limits downtime, increases productivity, and extends the working life of the machine.

They can respond 7 days a week and have vehicles stocked with factory-recommended parts. You can have peace of mind that you’ll be churning out ice cream from your Taylor machine again the same day.

5. A Trusted Brand

Taylor has been operating in the food service industry for almost 100 years.

They’ve established themselves as a market leader both domestically and internationally. When you choose a Taylor ice cream machine, you know you’re working with a brand you can trust. 

How to Get Your Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Would you like to add a Taylor ice cream machine to your restaurant? Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. are proud to supply and service Taylor ice cream machines for the Wisconsin market.

Check out our Taylor equipment range and call us at 262-567-7286 for a quote for your restaurant.

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