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commercial grill
commercial restaurant grills

3 Key Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Grill

A restaurant needs to be fully equipped in order to succeed. A reliable commercial grill is one of the many things you’ll need for a bar and grill business.  While you may take a grill for granted, it’s necessary to cook a variety of foods like burgers and steak. There are models with griddles and flat tops, giving

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shake machine
commercial shake machines

3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Shake Machine

Ice cream is America’s favorite dessert.  If you’re struggling to sell desserts at your Wisconsin restaurant and want to find a more enticing option for your customers, the first thing you should do is buy a shake machine. Most diners won’t be able to resist a nice, cup of ice cream after dinner.  However, before

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hot holding cabinet
commercial holding cabinet

Perfecting Your Food Delivery: The Role of the Hot Holding Cabinet

When it comes to running a commercial kitchen, you know that you have to have the right equipment to get the job done. Do you have the right tools to prepare, cook, and store foods until they are needed for a food order? If you don’t have everything that you need for an efficient kitchen,

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commercial frozen drink machine

The Ultimate Guide to Picking a Commercial Frozen Drink Machine

 When searching for the perfect commercial frozen drink machine, there are a few things to remember. You must know what you’re looking for and that you’re well informed. Customers, young and old, are often drawn to the colorful, swirling, strategically placed drinks in businesses. Having these readily available increase sales and provide a cool reprieve

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digital menu boards for restaurants

Electromenu Benefits: Why Your Restaurant Needs a Digital Menu

Does your restaurant use an electromenu or two? If not, you are missing out on some great benefits! Fast food chains began using digital menus outside around 2010. New technology like extra-crisp digital screens made it possible to display text and graphics in large screens format. Electromenus have been around since before the COVID-19 pandemic,

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taylor shake freezer shake with chocolate candies
commercial shake machines

6 BIG Things to Know About the Taylor Shake Freezer

The Taylor shake freezer is a versatile ice cream machine with a product everyone loves. (Who doesn’t love a good ice cream shake?) In addition to making a delicious shake every time, these commercial ice cream machines come with features that make the shake-making process easy and profitable. Taylor Shake Machines Viscosity can be adjusted

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fried chicken after automatic chicken breading machine
fried chicken equipment

Automatic Chicken Breading Machine FAQs

More than 175 million Americans consumed fried chicken every year, which is why an automatic chicken breading machine is a popular tool in commercial kitchens (stat from Statista). Automatic chicken breading machines make production of fried chicken more efficient and reduces breading needed and waste. The answers to frequently asked questions about these commercial units

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customer ordering at counter with digital menus for restaurants
electric menu boards

Digital Menus for Restaurants FAQ’s

The best digital menus for restaurants are about more than just display. Digital menus add functionality, “wow” customers, and even increase sales. The right digital menus for restaurants also strategically up-sell items and streamline operations. This guide to digital menus for restaurants explains how a digital menu, specifically the ElectroMenu digital menu board system, works

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commercial fryers making menu items

5 Types of Commercial Fryers

There are several different types of commercial fryers available to meet the needs of food service operations. This post includes a list of the different types of commercial fryers and factors to consider when choosing the right commercial fryer for the operation. Commercial Fryer Types Ventless Fryers The biggest benefit of a ventless fryer is

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what is clamshell grill question with burger made on clamshell grill
commercial restaurant grills wi

What is a clamshell grill?

What is a clamshell grill? A clamshell grill, or clamshell griddle, is a commercial appliance designed to cook products thoroughly, efficiently, and quickly. These commercial kitchen workhorses are a top choice for restaurants and quick service operations where a quality and quick product is the ultimate goal. Clamshells grills are also incredibly versatile and can

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