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All About Perfect Fry: Countertop Ventless Deep Frying Solutions

Working in the kitchen is no easy job, so if you can simplify things with great products, why not just do it? With Perfect Fry products offered by Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc., you can! Their countertop ventless deep frying solutions come with easy-to-clean machines, programmable presets for frying, front-loading and dispensing features, and safe-to-use

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5 MagnaBlend Ideas for Your Smoothie Menu

Smoothies are the perfect way to keep your customers refreshed and healthy. They can be made with various ingredients, such as fruits, veggies, and even protein powder. Today, we are going to talk about the MagnaBlend food service blender, along with some seriously delicious smoothie ideas to jazz up your menu. Get ready because this

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MagnaBlend Series
Magna Blend mixer

Why the MagnaBlend Series Is Worth the Investment

Frozen beverages are the perfect solution for cooling off during hot summer days. Your restaurant is missing out on profit if you have not invested in a MagnaBlend frozen beverage station from Taylor Enterprises of WI. The integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station save time between drinks. Read ahead to learn more about the

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digital menu boards
digital menu boards

Design the Perfect Digital Menu Board With an ElectroMenu

With a digital menu board from Taylor Enterprises of WI, your quick-serve restaurant, bar, or other food establishment will reap many benefits. Choose from a single-screen or multi-screen digital menu board that will enhance the look and feel of your business. If you have ever wondered how the most successful companies create the perfect digital

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Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer
frozen drink machine for restaurant

Why Your Bar Needs a Zamboozy™ Adult Slushie Freezer

As a brewery or craft bar owner, there aren’t a lot of new things you can introduce to your summer drink menu other than new flavors. This is where the Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer comes in. More than just another frozen drink dispenser, this machine is the first of its kind that can take liquid

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frozen beverage freezer
beverage ideas for menu

5 Tasty Drinks You Can Make With a Frozen Beverage Freezer

Summer is here, and food establishments everywhere are ramping up their menus for one of the busiest seasons of 2023. As a restaurant, bar, or cafe owner, you may be wondering, what’s the best way to offer something exciting this summer without having to change a whole lot of your kitchen processes? The answer may

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ventless fryers
fryers for businesses wi

Top 4 Benefits of Perfect Fry® Ventless Fryers

As a commercial kitchen owner, you know that the installation of a vent hood to ensure the safety of your facility can be one of the most costly aspects of food service, particularly if you’re providing fried food to your patrons. Perfect Fry® ventless fryers are a specialized kind of deep fryer that use a

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Flavorburst soft serve system
soft serve machine

Serve 8 Flavors With a Flavor Burst® Soft Serve System

Summer season is just right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start imagining new menu offerings for your patrons. As the days get warmer, people are looking for something sweet and cool in their taste buds to satisfy all their cravings. What better way to give your customers some options than with

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Henny Penny equipment
Henny Penny

Exploring Henny Penny Equipment for Your Restaurant Kitchen

Based in Eaton, OH, Henny Penny is an American company that produces restaurant-quality cooking equipment for many popular clients, such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Today, Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. is proud to be one of the few exclusive distributors of Henny Penny equipment in Wisconsin, so more local restaurants can enjoy the benefits

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digital menu board
digital menu boards for restaurants

How a Digital Menu Board Can Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Fast food restaurants and diners have used overhead, behind-the-counter menu boards for decades. They’re typically associated with quick, in-and-out style dining service; however, many businesses in the food service industry are now using them as well—but with one important upgrade: digitizing them. At a cafe or a sit-down restaurant, a digital menu board can have

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