Automatic Chicken Breading Machine FAQs

More than 175 million Americans consumed fried chicken every year, which is why an automatic chicken breading machine is a popular tool in commercial kitchens (stat from Statista). Automatic chicken breading machines make production of fried chicken more efficient and reduces breading needed and waste. The answers to frequently asked questions about these commercial units are answered in this post. (A commercial food equipment professional can answer any other questions.)

What is an automatic chicken breading machine? How do they work?

Henny Penny Automatic Chicken Breading Machines ensure that restaurants and food service operations can efficiently produce a large volume of breaded chicken. These units apply breading and seasonings evenly to each individual piece with a heavy-duty motor and chain drive that rotates the drum at a minimum of 8 rpm. The paddled-lined drum gently tumbles food through breading as it turns. When finished, the chicken is ready for frying in an open fryer or pressure fryer. (Get more information on the pros and cons of pressure fryers versus open fryers in this blog post.)

What are the benefits of an automatic chicken breading machine?

Henny Penny Automatic Chicken Breading Machines come with a variety of features designed for efficient chicken production, such as:

  • Stainless steel drum with 10 lb (4.5 kg) capacity
  • Drum breads as much as 6.6 lb (3 kg) of product per minute
  • Durable motor rotates drum at 8 rpm minimum
  • Paddles gently tumbles chicken for even coverage while saving up to 25% on breading usage

The automatic breading machine offers restaurants and food operations all these benefits while only taking up only 3 linear feet of counter space. Because of their compact size, automatic breading machines can be easily included in the cooking process and stored when not in use. These appliances are easy-to-use with only a single switch. They only require an outlet to operate. Because they are fully automatic, chicken is breaded in less time than hand breading and may require fewer staff.

The savings extend to the clean-up. When breading is complete, these units can easily be disassembled. Components are dishwasher-friendly and can be easily cleaned and ready for operation.

In essence, Henny Penny automatic chicken breading machines allow operations to produce a large amount of evenly seasoned product while reducing production time and labor costs. This commercial appliance also reduces the amount of product waste and is easy to disassemble and clean.

What breadings and seasonings are available for the machine?

In addition to the automatic chicken breading machine, Henny Penny makes 15 different varieties of breadings and seasonings that suit almost every taste, such as:

  • Regular PHT Breading
  • Medium Spicy PHT Breading
  • Spicy PHT Breading
  • Regular I PHT Breading
  • HP Breading
  • Five Star Breading
  • Marinade Breading
  • Marinade Seasoning mix
  • Hot Marinade Seasoning mix

Food service operations can get more information on chicken breadings and seasonings by contacting their local food service professional. For operations without automatic breading machines, Henny Penny offers these instructions for hand breading:

  1. Place cleaned and trimmed product into cool water to help breading adhere properly. (Not necessary if using a marinade.)
  2. Drain before breading.
  3. Dump product into breading. General rule: 1 lb (0.45 kg) breading to 10 lb (4.5 kg) of product.
  4. Toss product in breading using both hands. Coat thoroughly. When breading wings, tuck wing tip by bending around and behind end wing segment.
  5. Remove excess breading by holding one piece in each hand and tapping knuckles of each hand together.
  6. Place breaded product skin side up on sheet pan with grid. When breading chicken, group like parts together.

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