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fries in deep fryer
deep fryer oil

How to Get the Most Out of Your Fryer Oil

Fryer oil is an essential part of producing customers’ favorite fried foods, which is why fryer maintenance shouldn’t fall to the bottom of the checklist. Top quality deep fryer oil can make food taste and look better, so it makes sense to use these tips to extend the life of the oil (and fryer) while

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fried foods made in commercial deep fryer
commercial deep fryer

7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Deep Fryer

The commercial deep fryer is the workhorse of a commercial kitchen, producing everyone’s favorite fried foods. Because it is frequently used (over and over and over again), it makes cents (literally) to narrow down the options for the best commercial deep fryer with these questions. The selection process starts by asking questions and proceeds with

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small kitchen ordering with room for compact commercial kitchen equipment
commercial restaurant equipment

Best Compact Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Not every restaurant and commercial operation has a large kitchen footprint, though every commercial kitchen is the heart of the operation. This list of compact commercial kitchen equipment is for businesses looking for small equipment that can perform a variety of operations, checking many functions off the kitchen checklist. (Space saver) Combi ovens These units

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restaurant handling food safely
commercial kitchen safety

(Easy) Commercial Kitchen Food Safety Tips that Work

If food safety isn’t a top priority for your restaurant, it should be. Every food service operation is part of preventing the more than 48 million cases of food borne illnesses every year (estimated by the CDC). The goal of keeping food safe turns into a challenge during the busiest service times—especially with so many

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group of people eating after ordering from digital menu boards
digital menu boards for restaurants

Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Menu Boards

Menu boards for restaurants matter in more ways than one. The aesthetics of these signs are just as significant as the content, which makes choosing the right menu board an incredibly important decision. There is not always just one decision, as the right menu signage for a restaurant can actually include a strategic combination of

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plated food being kept warm in kitchen
commercial warmers

4 Commercial Food Warmers that Keep Food Hot (and Tasty)

Keeping hot food hot is about more than just serving quality dishes for commercial food operations. Commercial food warmers are an integral part of maintaining food safety and efficiency. While keeping food warm sounds like a one-size-fits-all endeavor, there are multiple types of commercial food warmers that keep foods at temperatures above 140 degrees (and

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4 Commercial Deep Fryer Myths Explained

Commercial deep fryers are the source of many delicious fried foods—and myths that come with these commercial workhorses. There are a lot of commercial deep fryers on the market, and it’s easy to believe these myths that can cost food service operation time and money. Myth: All commercial deep fryers occupy a lot of floor

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Grilled Food

Combi Ovens: 10 Questions to Ask to Get the Best Results

From most commercial food operations, combi ovens are a wise investment that allows them to easily prepare almost every kind of food. However, most kitchens don’t completely realize the potential of a combi oven; the answers to these questions (either in this post or from a professional) can assist food managers and chefs who want

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fries and onion rings from countertop ventless deep fryer
commercial deep fryer

11 HUGE (and Quick) Benefits of Ventless Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers produce some of Midwesterners’ favorite foods: mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, fried fish…the list can go and on and on. In addition to making customer favorites, ventless deep fryers come with a wide variety of ‘pros’ that make the ventless countertop deep fryer perfect for (almost) any commercial kitchen. Makes Wide Variety of

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restaurant manager making food on commercial kitchen equipment
commercial restaurant equipment

10 Questions to Ask When Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Purchasing commercial kitchen equipment is an important long-term investment. After all, the kitchen grill, griddle, deep fryer, refrigerator, heated holding cabinets, and even the ice cream machine are the heart of any commercial operation. These imperative pieces of equipment play a big role in customer satisfaction (flavor) and the bottom line (profits). Because the stakes

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