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menu items made in henny penny combi oven
commercial combi oven

6 BIG Benefits of a Henny Penny Combi Oven

Henny Penny Combi Ovens are the new frontier of food service. These innovative ovens are multi-purpose commercial appliances that can meet the needs of almost any restaurant or food service operation. In essence, Henny Penny Combi Ovens has huge potential and countless capabilities—-many of which food service managers have not realized or utilized. Accordingly, there

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chicken produced in commercial chicken fryer at wisconsin restaurant
commercial deep fryer

5 BIG Things to Know When Buying a Commercial Chicken Fryer

The first thing to know when buying a commercial chicken fryer is that chicken is a customer favorite. According to the National Chicken Council, Americans consume more than 98 pounds per capita in 2019. Customers actually consume more chicken than beef every year, which is why restaurant and commercial managers should make producing the best

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pizza hot and ready after being in henny penny heated holding cabinet
commercial holding cabinet

Your Guide to Henny Penny Heated Holding Cabinets

The temperature in a Wisconsin business can be as up and down as the weather outside, which is not conducive to keeping food top-quality and ready to serve or prepare. The answer is a Henny Penny Holding Cabinet or Heated Display Cabinet. Both top-of-the-line commercial heated cabinets maintain an ideal environment perfect for almost any

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restaurant manager making food on commercial kitchen equipment
commercial warmers

Quick Guide to Heated Display Cabinets

A heated display cabinet is vital piece of commercial equipment because it ensures a safe, quality product. It also serves as a marketing tool that appeals to customers and plays an integral role in generating sales. While the role in any restaurant or food service operation is the same, these hot food display cabinets are

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french fries from perfect fry deep fryer
commercial deep fryer

7 Things to Know About the Perfect Fry Deep Fryer

The Perfect Fry Deep Fryer is the essence of the saying, “big things come in small packages.” These deep fryers are compact and productive, producing large quantities of customers’ favorites on demand. Fortunately, that’s not all there is to know when purchasing the Perfect Fry Deep Fryer. The Perfect Fry countertop deep fryers don’t require

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burger made on Taylor clamshell grill
taylor commercial grill

7 Big Questions About Taylor Clamshell Grills Answered

Taylor clamshell grills are a win-win for Wisconsin food service operations and customers, producing quality products and reducing labor and energy costs. These two-sided grills come in a variety of models that fit the needs of almost any restaurant or food service operation. They also come with a list of frequently asked questions and answers

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fried chicken and fries made in henny penny fryer
Henny Penny

How to Choose the Right Henny Penny Fryer

Henny Penny fryers are high-quality commercial fryers, producing classic customer favorites—plus new dishes that customers don’t even know they want yet. These deep and pressure fryers quickly become the center of commercial kitchen operations, but the first step is choosing the Henny Penny fryer that fits the needs of the restaurant or business. Deep Fryer

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ice cream milk shake from taylor shake machine
commercial ice cream machines

5 Cool Things to Know When Purchasing a Taylor Shake Machine

Taylor shake machines are some of the most versatile and durable ice cream machines on the market. However, there is so much more to consider when purchasing a Taylor shake machine for a restaurant, ice cream shop, or food service operation. Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Taylor Shake Machine Every food service operation should

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burger from commercial two-sided grill
commercial restaurant grills wi

Quick Guide to Commercial Two-Sided Grills

Commercial two-sided grills are the versatile workhorse of any business, giving food services the ability to quickly grill a quality product. These commercial kitchen appliances are the mainstay of a restaurant or food service operation, producing customer favorites like burgers, chicken, paninis, grilled sandwiches, and veggie and turkey burgers. Because commercial two-sided grills play a

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ice cream scooped after coming out of taylor ice cream machine
commercial ice cream machines

How to Select the Right Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Customers love ice cream, and restaurants love Taylor Ice Cream Machines. These machines are reliable, easy-to-use, and serve a variety of ice cream products perfect for any restaurant, concession stand, or ice cream shop menu. There are a variety of Taylor Ice Cream Machines on the market that can serve different ice cream products during

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