commercial restaurant grills

commercial grill
commercial restaurant grills

3 Key Qualities to Look for in a Commercial Grill

A restaurant needs to be fully equipped in order to succeed. A reliable commercial grill is one of the many things you’ll need for a bar and grill business.  While you may take a grill for granted, it’s necessary to cook a variety of foods like burgers and steak. There are models with griddles and flat tops, giving

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burger made on Taylor clamshell grill
taylor commercial grill

7 Big Questions About Taylor Clamshell Grills Answered

Taylor clamshell grills are a win-win for Wisconsin food service operations and customers, producing quality products and reducing labor and energy costs. These two-sided grills come in a variety of models that fit the needs of almost any restaurant or food service operation. They also come with a list of frequently asked questions and answers

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burger from commercial two-sided grill
commercial restaurant grills wi

Quick Guide to Commercial Two-Sided Grills

Commercial two-sided grills are the versatile workhorse of any business, giving food services the ability to quickly grill a quality product. These commercial kitchen appliances are the mainstay of a restaurant or food service operation, producing customer favorites like burgers, chicken, paninis, grilled sandwiches, and veggie and turkey burgers. Because commercial two-sided grills play a

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foods on restaurant grill made on commercial grill and griddle
commercial griddle

How to Choose a Commercial Grill

Commercial grills and griddles are one of the most important pieces of commercial restaurant equipment. These kitchen workhorses are the heart of any restaurant kitchen, making the decision for a new piece of equipment a critical and significant investment. Because of the importance, don’t hesitate to contact an expert that can assist with the selection

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