A Guide to Choosing the Best Margarita Machine for Your Wisconsin Restaurant or Bar

The votes are in: The margarita is officially the most popular cocktail in America. In a recent survey, 56% of respondents said it’s their go-to drink of choice in bars and restaurants.

We’ll save the “frozen or on the rocks” debate for another day. Right now, the more pressing question is: Do you have a commercial frozen margarita machine in your Wisconsin establishment?

If the answer is no, we’re here to tell you why this belongs at the top of your shopping list. We’ll also reveal where you can find the best margarita machine for your restaurant or bar.

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Why Invest in a Margarita Mixer Machine?

Maybe you’re revamping your drinks menu or you’re hoping to expand your reach to new clientele. Either way, a margarita mixer machine is a solid investment.

Consider this fact: The average cocktail drinker will spend $25.61 on cocktails per occasion. When we’re talking about millennials, that figure jumps to $31.74 per outing.

If you want to increase your revenue by attracting cocktail drinkers, you need to serve the best margaritas in town. A commercial frozen margarita machine ensures that you serve a consistent, perfect cocktail every time.

What to Look for in a Frozen Margarita Machine

As you consider different distributors for your margarita machine, here are some things to look out for.

Rated to Freeze Alcohol

The first thing to keep in mind is that many slushy machines are not designed to freeze alcohol. 80-proof liquor (like the average bottle of tequila) needs to reach a temperature of -17°F before it changes from liquid to frozen.

You have two choices for your margarita machine. You can choose one that’s rated for frozen cocktails (meaning it gets cold enough to freeze the booze). The other option is to create an alcohol-free base granita in the machine and stir the alcohol into the customer’s glass with each order.

Suitable Capacity & Number of Cylinders

Next, consider how many margaritas you sell on a nightly basis. Do you run a popular happy hour where the drinks fly off the shelves? Or is your bar more of a slow-and-steady type of establishment?

The machine’s capacity gets measured in quarts, with one quart equal to 32 ounces. This gives you approximately three 10-ounce frozen cocktails, with a little bit leftover. You’ll find servings per hour that range from 64 to over 1,000, so carefully consider whether capacity or servings (or both) are the most important factor.

On that note, consider the number of cylinders that are ideal for your menu. If you only serve classic lime margaritas, one cylinder is probably sufficient. But if you offer different flavors or other frozen drinks, such as daiquiris, the best margarita machine for you might include 2-4 cylinders.

Overnight Holding & Reservoir

A final factor to consider is what to do with your product before and after hours. Some margarita machines feature a reservoir of already-frozen product, which means you can refill those cylinders in just a few seconds.

Other machines feature an overnight holding option, allowing you to safely store your unused product overnight so it’s ready for the next day. This can significantly cut down on product cost and waste.

Where to Find the Best Margarita Machine in Wisconsin

The good news is you don’t have to venture far to find the best margarita machine for your bar or restaurant. Taylor Enterprises proudly offers an array of frozen drink machines as well as other high-quality commercial foodservice equipment.

Which frozen margarita machine is perfect for your needs? Click here to view our frozen beverage freezer product documents or give us a call at 262-567-7286.

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