4 Essential Combi Oven Cleaning Tips

Combi oven cleaning is an integral part of owning and maintaining one of these versatile commercial appliances. Henny Penny, one of the top manufacturers of combi ovens, estimates that proper combi oven cleaning lengthens equipment life up to 10 years.

Certainly, regular combi oven cleaning is an effort with a clear return-on-investment. A well-maintained oven is a valuable part of a food service operation. Combi ovens are able to poach, roast, steam, braise, smoke, and dehydrate food. When needed, combi ovens can also function as a heated holding cabinet. Henny Penny Combi Ovens are capable of storing as many as 50 multi-stage cooking programs. (Find out more about Henny Penny Combi Oven programmable cooking programs here.)

One combi oven does the work of a convection oven, steamer, and grill because it is able to use a precise combination of moist and dry heat. Henny Penny combi ovens are so precise that humidity can be set in 25% increments on an easy-to-use touch screen. The result is a versatile commercial kitchen appliance capable of cooking proteins, potatoes, pizza, pastries, rice, cakes, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and more.

Consider a Henny Penny Combi Oven with an automated cleaning system.

One of the most efficient and easy ways to clean combi ovens is to purchase a unit with an automated cleaning system. The Henny Penny Combi Oven comes with an automated cleaning feature. The Wave Clean automatic cooking system comes with a sealed 2-in-1 cartridge that sanitizes to HACCP standards while using 30% less water than previous systems. An automated combi oven cleaning system also results in less energy usage, a significant reduction in purchases of personal protective equipment for cleaning, and reduced labor costs. Because it is automatic, there is a significant reduction in employee contact with chemicals. Businesses only need to allocate minimal time to employee training. Cleaning cartridges can be easily recycled after use. (More specifics of the Henny Penny combi oven cleaning system can be found on the WaveClean automated cleaning system data sheet.)

Set a regular Combi Oven cleaning schedule.

The exact schedule for combi oven cleaning depends on the frequency of use, and products produced in the oven. Owners and managers that use a combi oven for cooking proteins often may need to clean more often than operations that only use combi ovens for producing bread and vegetables. In general, however, combi ovens should be rinsed out daily and sanitized weekly. Some combi ovens may require more frequent cleanings. Henny Penny combi ovens come with retractable hoses that make rinsing the interior of the unit easy and convenient.

Carefully select the cleaning agent.

Combi ovens are valuable pieces of equipment. Owners and managers should be careful to follow manufacturer instructions for combi oven cleaning and use cleaning products approved for the oven. (Contact a local Henny Penny equipment professional for information on combi oven cleaning if needed.) Some cleaning products may be too abrasive for the oven and do permanent damage that voids the manufacturer’s warranty. A well-cleaned oven should last 10-15 years. Owners and managers should consider contacting a local commercial equipment professional about replacement when the operational costs of a well-used combi oven start to rise.

Pay special attention to combi oven gaskets.

In addition to rinsing out the unit and a full sanitation, food service managers and operators should also pay special attention to the door gaskets. When the unit is used to cook proteins, the fats in the protein, especially chicken, typically build up around the door gasket. Managers and operators can use warm soapy water and an approved sanitizer to clean gaskets. Regular cleaning of the door gaskets and a consistent cleaning schedule prevents premature part replacement and results in optimal combi oven operation.

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