How to Choose the Best Commercial Smoothie Machine

Restaurants and customers both love commercial smoothie machines. Customers of all ages love the drinks that come from these frozen beverage machines, and food service operations love serving up a customer favorite. Fortunately, for both, there are many different commercial smoothie makers available. Here’s how to choose the best smoothie machine that best fit the needs of a food service operation.

Choosing the Right Smoothie Machine

Amount of Servings/Size

One of the most important considerations when choosing the right commercial smoothie machine is capacity. Simply, the best commercial smoothie maker needs to be able to produce enough drinks for peak times without increasing wait times. Today’s commercial smoothie machines have capacities that range from small blenders that make individual drinks to large capacity blenders to machines that hold and dispense several different flavors.

Some commercial beverage makers also come with features that improve service times. Taylor frozen beverage machines are equipped with alert lights and alarms that let operators know when mix or syrup is low so units can be refilled promptly. MagnaBlend blenders require less ice loading, reducing labor and preparation time, and boast a nine-second blend time.  


Many smoothie makers are versatile enough to make other beverages, such as granitas, tea slushes, cappuccino, coffee, and alcoholic slushy beverages. Some frozen beverage stations are capable of producing carbonated drinks. There are some frozen beverage units with viscosity controls that control the thickness of the drink, allowing food service operations the chance to offer a variety of menu offerings. Restaurant owners and managers should have an idea of menu offerings and consult a food equipment professional about machine options.

This is especially true if the menu offering contains dairy, which requires a unit with a refrigerated hopper. Not all units come with this feature; consult a food equipment professional for units capable of producing specific menu offerings.

Self-Service or Kitchen Station

Food service operation need to decide the purpose of the commercial smoothie machine. Is a smoothie blender needed for kitchen prep, such as at drive-thru? These commercial smoothie makers need to be able to make individual drinks quickly for each custom individual order. Or is a unit with a dispenser needed? The latter option is a good choice for food service operations who want to spur impulse sales with an appealing display. Several Taylor frozen beverage stations hold several flavors and come with a standby feature that maintains a proper temperature in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.

Flavor Offerings

In addition to capacity, food service operations should decide how many flavors or recipes to offer. Taylor offers several units that hold and dispense several different flavors. MagnaBlend commercial smoothie machines come with a USB port that allows operators to add a variety of signature recipes. This option allows one operator to make custom smoothies quickly and reduce wait times.

Frozen Beverage Machine Options


magnablend pro

MagnaBlends™ are powerful units that eliminate friction by utilizing magnetic force to produce signature smoothies in an impressive nine-seconds. The MagnaBlend series also requires less ice loading and is programmable so operators can add recipes quickly and efficiently.

Taylor Frozen Beverage Stations

taylor beverage

Taylor’s optimized refrigeration system offers efficient operation in an extremely quiet, compact, self-contained freezer. These units are capable of producing a variety of different drinks, including smoothies, coffees, granitas, cappuccino, and shakes.



Zamboozy are not a typical commercial smoothie maker. The Zamboozy™ adult slushie freezer takes ordinary craft beers and cocktails, and turns them into the next big thing. Standard unit is equipped to connect directly to beer kegs. Serve cocktail slushies easily by connecting the optional cocktail kit.

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