10 Cool Things to Know About Flavor Burst Equipment

Flavor Burst equipment is a great add-on to any ice cream or beverage machine, producing delicious flavored treats that are a hit among customers. These systems are a top choice among food service operations because they work with almost any ice cream or beverage machine and generate sales for unique flavors like chocolate swirl and bubble gum.

There are 40 different flavors available.

The number of flavorings vary among Flavor Burst offerings. There are 38 different flavorings for striped soft serve and 17 for flavor blends. CrunchiCreme Flavor Burst equipment chops dry candies, nuts, cereals, and other treats into a partical size that works with the system. Food service operations can choose from flavors like chocolate swirl, strawberry, bubble gum, black cherry, birthday cake, cool mint, and blue goo.

Food service owners and managers can get 8 different flavors from their soft-serve, frozen yogurt, shake, slush, smoothie, or frozen carbonated beverage machine.

A Flavor Burst system is an add-on that works with almost any soft-serve or beverage machine. Each system offers eight different flavors (which can be changed periodically). The blending of Flavor Burst equipment is so seamless that multiple flavors can be combined into one serving, giving food service operations many different possible menu offerings.

Flavor Burst systems come with easy-to-use touchscreens and keypads.

These systems are just as easy-to-use as Flavor Burst treats are to enjoy. Operators can easily select the flavor or flavors from the touchscreen. Multiple flavors are dispensed from one spout.

There are a variety of Flavor Burst soft-serve options.

Most people know Flavor Burst for its delicious soft-serve flavors. In addition to striped soft serve cones (which are typically vanilla with a Flavor Burst flavor around the outside of the ice cream), Flavor Burst equipment can also provide flavor blends and candy-flavored treats. All of these Flavor Burst flavors are compatible with almost any soft serve machine.

Flavored beverages are an option too.

Flavor Burst systems are capable of producing bright colored treats that appeal to customers of all ages. These systems can be added to any shake, slush, smoothie, or frozen carbonated beverage machine (read how to select the right frozen beverage machine here). The result is a variety of delicious-flavored shakes, slushes, blended beverages, frozen cocktails, frozen carbonated beverages, and frozen coffees.

Food service operations can serve as many as 560 five-ounce servings from a gallon bag.

All flavoring come in one gallon bags and are highly concentrated. While the exact amount of servings depends on a number of factors, each bag of Flavor Burst flavorings can produce a large number of servings:

  • Soft-serve (stripe) – 560 5oz servings per gallon bag
  • Soft-Serve (blend) – 400 5oz servings per gallon bag
  • Frozen Beverage (shake) – 95 16oz servings per gallon bag
  • Frozen Beverage (slush) – 230 16oz servings per gallon bag

Unopened Flavor Burst flavorings can last a year or more after the manufacture date.

For businesses that close for the season, unopened Flavor Burst flavorings have an excellent shelf life. Unopened Flavor Burst soft serve flavorings have a 1-2 year shelf life (exact shelf life depends on flavor) from the date of manufacture. When unopened, Flavor Burst frozen beverage flavorings maintain a 16-month shelf life after the date of manufacture. Once opened, all Flavor Burst syrup flavorings have a shelf life for 180 days, though not to exceed the original unopened shelf life from the date of manufacture.

Flavor Burst flavorings do not need to be refrigerated.

They can be stored in temperatures between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be noted that Flavor Burst flavorings are the only syrup that should be used in Flavor Burst equipment; if food service operators and managers use a different flavoring, it can void the warranty.

Flavor Burst systems are easy to maintain.

Flavor Burst systems are a “clean-in-place” unit that is easy-to-maintain. Typically, the system should be cleaned daily and should only take 15 minutes. The parts that need to be cleaned and sanitized can be easily detached and reassembled. The system can easily be connected to a sanitizer tank to flush and clean lines and pumps. For more information on Flavor Burst equipment maintenance, food service operators and managers should contact a local food equipment professional or review their operations manual.

Food service operators and managers can make customized advertising and promotional materials.

Flavor Burst provides resources for food service operators and managers for promotion. Food service operators and managers can get these resources by contacting a food equipment professional at a local Flavor Burst distributor.

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