How to Choose the Right Henny Penny Fryer

Henny Penny fryers are high-quality commercial fryers, producing classic customer favorites—plus new dishes that customers don’t even know they want yet. These deep and pressure fryers quickly become the center of commercial kitchen operations, but the first step is choosing the Henny Penny fryer that fits the needs of the restaurant or business.

Deep Fryer Size

Deep fryers come in a variety of sizes, fitting in almost any kitchen. Before purchasing a Henny Penny fryer, managers should determine the amount of space for the new unit, and if there is a power supply nearby. If there is not, the kitchen layout may need to be adjusted to efficiently fit appliances.


Henny Penny produces floor models with one to four wells and hold as many as eight baskets. There are also high volume commercial fryers that are made for large batches, such as bone-in chicken. To determine the capacity needed, managers should look at serving sizes and decide how many servings are needed during busy times. A commercial equipment professional can also recommend the Henny Penny fryer that produces the appropriate volume of product when needed.

Energy Source

Though larger Henny Penny open fryers can produce high volumes of product, these commercial deep fryers actually hold 40% less oil. The lower oil capacity translates into quicker preheat time and less power used, meaning that Henny Penny fryers are incredibly energy efficient.

Henny Penny fryers can operate with gas or electricity. Electric models have hinged elements that lift for quick and easy vat cleaning. Gas models feature high-efficiency burners with solid-state ignition. There are advantages of both electricity and gas commercial fryers. In general, electricity fryers are easier to move and cheaper to install. Gas appliances typically have lower long-term operational costs.


Clean fryer oil is the key to producing a flavorful product and keeping operating costs low. Henny Penny fryers come with a system that automatically removes debris from oil and returns oil to the vat quickly (less than four minutes). Businesses can continue producing product because vats can be used for frying while other vats are being filtered. Operators are alerted when oil needs to be filtered by a built-in oil monitoring tracker. Their oil filtration system also extends the life of oil, reducing oil and labor costs over the life of the Henny Penny fryer.

For optimal oil life, fryers should be covered when not in use. Henny Penny fryers have built-in areas for storage of fry vat covers. With fryer vat covers nearby, operators can easily remove the covers and cover vats when they are not needed.


Henny Penny deep fryers are manufactured with programmable presets that ensure a quality product and minimal staff training. Operators can program in the optimal settings (i.e. temperature, cooking time), and the auto lift feature automatically removes the product from the oil. To select the best Henny Penny fryer, contact a local commercial kitchen equipment professional to choose the fryer that meets—and exceeds—business expectations.

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