Your Guide to Henny Penny Heated Holding Cabinets

The temperature in a Wisconsin business can be as up and down as the weather outside, which is not conducive to keeping food top-quality and ready to serve or prepare. The answer is a Henny Penny Holding Cabinet or Heated Display Cabinet. Both top-of-the-line commercial heated cabinets maintain an ideal environment perfect for almost any product (i.e. pizzas, potatoes, chicken, seafood, rolls, etc.), regardless of the air temperature.

How to Choose the Right Henny Penny Holding Cabinet

Henny Penny Holding Cabinets come in a variety of models that meet the needs of food service operations. Food service operations can choose the right Henny Penny Holding Cabinet model by considering the following factors.

Kitchen Layout

The right Henny Penny Holding Cabinet model is the right size to fit with the existing kitchen layout. Some heated holding cabinets are designed for countertops, while others come with casters and are built for larger capacities.

These commercial units should also be the right capacity to hold enough product before and during peak periods. Managers should evaluate their operation to determine the right amount of space and storage when choosing a Henny Penny Holding Cabinet. Some models come with drawers, while larger models hold pans and shelves. A commercial equipment professional can also assist with this decision.

In addition to size, owners and managers should consider whether they want a right- or left-hinged door and whether they need pass-through doors for more efficient operations. Some Henny Penny Holding Cabinets come with glass doors, which allows customers to see the product, anticipate the tastiness, and even generate spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Type of Product

Though almost any type of food can be stored in a Henny Penny Holding Cabinet, it’s important to consider what product is stored in the cabinet. This consideration is an important part of choosing a heated holding cabinet that is the right capacity to meet operational needs, and has the right type of heat (moist or dry) to keep food in top-quality condition.

Fortunately, Henny Penny Holding Cabinets allow managers to choose dry or moist heat. Some models allow operators to set the right temperature and humidity (and even provide holding cabinet guidelines for businesses). These commercial warmers come with easy-to-use controls and easy-to-see on/off and cycle temperature lights.


Almost any type of product can be stored in a Henny Penny Holding Cabinet. If the cabinet is going to be used for proofing, managers should shop for a proofing cabinet. When a heated holding cabinet is being used to display items, a heated display cabinet comes with lights and a variety of features that showcase the product.

Henny Penny Holding Cabinet Models

heated countertop



Henny Penny heated holding cabinet

HHC-990, 992, 993, 996, 997, 998 Guidelines

heated cabinets

HHC-906 / 908

HHC-903 / 902

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