How to Expand Your Drinks Menu With a Frozen Drinks Machine

While many know Wisconsin as “America’s Dairyland,” this state with many other notable attractions, being a local means you know Wisconsin puts the “BE” in Beverages.

When it comes to sharing your best drink menu, you want to ensure you have what it takes to give your customers an experience they will never forget.

If you wonder about the best way to serve up a Wisconsin-style beverage, you are in the right place. The best drink menu includes some frozen beverages. So, you want to find the best commercial frozen drink machine money can buy.

You want to give your drink menu the versatility your customers will love. Here is everything you need to know to find the best commercial frozen drink machine.

Commercial Frozen Drink Machine Types

There are several types of frozen drink machines you can buy. The Powdered Auto Fill Slush Machine tends to have reservoirs that hold powdered product mix.

It then automatically combines the mixture with water. This process makes creating a frozen drink a breeze because inside the machine is built to save time.

You can’t talk about the best commercial frozen drink machines without mentioning one that is specifically dedicated to frozen cocktails. Having this machine will allow the final product to be perfect because it considers the temperature the alcohol needs to be to ensure the viscosity of your drinks.

Types of Drinks You Can Create

The next step in buying the best commercial frozen drink machine is understanding what type of drinks you want to offer. If versatility is what you are looking for, then having a slush machine gives you a range of options. It will allow you to make frozen smoothies, frozen cocktails, frozen lemonades, and even frozen coffee.

Depending on your business, customizing your drink menu with a variety of frozen beverages is sure to help boost sales.

How to Find the Best Commercial Drink Machine

A thoughtful way to find the best commercial drink machine is to start with a local Wisconsin manufacturing company. The reason is they can help you find the best commercial frozen drink machine for your business and help you find a way to service it if need be.

You can also do an internet search and check out reviews to ensure the company you want to purchase from is reputable.

Other Things to Consider When Looking for a Slush Machine

When you are looking to buy a frozen drink machine, you want to ensure you understand the device’s capacity. It can be helpful to know how many slushies you need. This will be primarily based on the number of people your restaurant serves.

Before purchasing a slush machine, you also want to keep in mind who will be operating it. For example, if you have a self-serve model, you want to make sure all of your potential customers can use it.

That means buying a frozen drink machine that is compliant with the American’s with Disabilities Act. Lastly, you want to understand the water filtration system used on your slush machine to ensure optimal performance.

All Your Beverage Machine Needs in One Place!

Finding the best commercial frozen drink machine doesn’t have to be complicated, especially in Wisconsin.

You have to understand the type of machine you want, create the kind of drinks you want, and then contact a reputable supplier like Taylor Enterprises.

We can help you take your drink menu to the next level. Our dedicated team of commercial frozen drink specialists can provide personal assistance. Contact us today to get started!

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