How to Find a Frozen Drink Machine Through Wisconsin Distributors

Everyone loves a good daiquiri, slushy, or smoothie every now and again. As a restaurant owner, you’ve probably considered investing in a frozen drink machine.

Frozen drink machines are a very profitable addition to your restaurant. Even Mcdonald’s slush machine— you know, the one that’s always broken— brings in an average profit of 84% each year. 

To tap into these profits and drive business success, you’ll need to source your commercial frozen drink machines from authorized Wisconsin distributors.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about finding a distributor. Read on to learn more. 

Buying vs. Renting

Before investing in a frozen drink machine for sale, be sure to first consider your business needs. If you’re running a special drink for a limited time, finding a frozen drink machine rental might be a better option. 

But, if you’re looking to add frozen drink machine recipes to your menu long-term, purchasing is going to be much easier on your wallet. Owning the machine outright reduces monthly costs. It also makes it easier to service, as most rental companies prefer to service their machines themselves. 

Of course, if you’re testing the waters, renting a machine for a few months before buying is also an option that many distributors will help you sort out. 

How to Choose the Best Wisconsin Distributor 

When it comes to choosing a distributor, you’ll want to make sure they are an authorized dealer for the machines’ manufacturer. For brands like MagnaBlend and Taylor, there are only three authorized distributors in Wisconsin for you to choose from. 

A good distributor is knowledgeable about the manufacturing process, service requirements, and operation. They’ll help with setup, maintenance, and getting you the best deal possible. They’ll answer your questions and help you find the best machine for your needs. 

Most distributors offer their own service contracts, warranties, and in-house repair services. They don’t need to do this, but it does help you keep things organized and means one less professional you’ll have to find, vet, and pay. 

By using a distributor that services their own products, they’ll likely have the necessary replacement OEM parts on hand. This reduces employee and machine downtime and increases productivity. 

Taylor Enterprises, a respected distributor in Wisconsin, even offers training classes. They‘ll train your employees on how to use and maintain the machines to keep things running smoothly.  

Red Flags to Look for While Shopping

Certain brands use exclusive food and beverage equipment distributors in Wisconsin to sell their products for them. Be wary of any person or business that claims to be an authorized distributor, but doesn’t have the proper documentation. 

Finding a Frozen Drink Machine Through Wisconsin Distributors 

Offering your customers frozen drinks is a great way to boost profits in 2022. Now you know everything you need to know about finding a frozen drink machine through Wisconsin distributors. 

Sourcing equipment for your restaurant is exhausting, but we’re here to make it as quick and painless as possible. To get the best frozen drink machine for your shop send us a message!

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