7 Things to Know About the Perfect Fry Deep Fryer

The Perfect Fry Deep Fryer is the essence of the saying, “big things come in small packages.” These deep fryers are compact and productive, producing large quantities of customers’ favorites on demand. Fortunately, that’s not all there is to know when purchasing the Perfect Fry Deep Fryer.

The Perfect Fry countertop deep fryers don’t require much space.

The Perfect Fry occupies a footprint as small as 17” x 16”, perfect for smaller kitchens. While the actual commercial fryer may occupy less than 2 square feet, these units can continuously produce batches of fries for peak times and smaller batches for individual orders. Perfect Fry deep fryers are also built incredibly efficient with a front-loading design that makes it easy to use. To choose the right countertop deep fryer for a space, contact a commercial equipment professional for fryer specifics that meet the needs of the operation.

Perfect Fry deep fryers don’t require hoods or vents.

These ventless automatic fryers don’t require hoods or vents, saving concession stands and commercial operations thousands of dollars in installation costs. In addition to saving on installation costs, restaurants and commercial food operations don’t have to spend time or funds to maintain the hoods and vents. Even without a hood or vents, Perfect Fry deep fryers are virtually odorless.

These deep fryers are portable.

Because Perfect Fry deep fryers are smaller and don’t require a hood or vent, they can easily be moved around within a kitchen or to another rental space when needed. This allows for easy changes to kitchen footprints and easier transitions to a new unit.

Perfect Fry deep fryers produce quality products consistently.

Perfect Fry deep fryers come with programmable pre-sets that produce a perfect product every time. The fryers can be programmed with as many as 9 different pre-sets so operators can produce a variety of difference products.

Perfect Fry deep fryers are automatic.

The fryers are automatic, requiring less training to use. Because they are easier to use, countertop ventless deep fryers easily produce large quantities of product during busy times.

Commercial ventless deep fryers are safer.

Because Perfect Fry fryers are enclosed, they are safer because they won’t splatter hot oil on employees. These fryers also have a number of safety features that reduce the risk of fire or improper operation.

These fryers are really easy-to-clean.

Perfect Fry deep fryers are easy to disassemble and assemble for a quick and easy cleaning. These fryers can easily be cleaned and ready to produce the next batch of customer favorites.

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