Raising Happy Hour Revenue: Choosing the Best Commercial Margarita Machine

Did you know that studies have been done that show Americans want happy hour to last longer?

If you are a restaurant, making your happy hour stand out may be the answer to having your restaurant stand out among the rest.

To start, make your happy hour just an hour longer than the rest! You should also start to look into the best commercial margarita machine so that you can advertise margs for your happy hour. Who doesn’t love a good marg!?

Read on to learn how to choose the best commercial frozen drink machine to increase your revenue.

Large Capacity 

The first thing you want to ensure that you find in a commercial frozen drink machine is that it holds a larger capacity. 

The more it holds, the more you can serve. The more you serve, the more you increase revenue.

However, you also need to take into account how much you are serving. If you don’t serve a lot of frozen drinks, you may not want to make a lot since it will go bad. If you do serve a lot of frozen drinks, then it may be better to go with a larger capacity.

Number of Cylinders

If you’re not sure what this means, don’t worry! Choosing the number of cylinders on your machine basically means you are choosing the number of compartments that could hold different drink flavors.

For instance, if you want to serve a lime margarita and a strawberry daiquiri, you’ll need two cylinders. If you only care to serve one type of margarita, then a one-cylinder machine would be just fine for your restaurant’s needs.

While it may depend on where you are located, or the season that you are in, having more than one cylinder can attract customers since they know they can order different types of frozen drinks which not all restaurants offer.

This is a great marketing ploy to use in your business strategy to increase your revenue!

Holding and Reservoir

As mentioned before, you don’t want to overdo how much of the drink you are making. This would make you lose more money than you are bringing in.

But some machines come with a holding and overnight reservoir. This will keep the frozen margarita fresh for the next day so that you do not have to waste it! This can also help you with speeding up production for the following day as well.

Get the Best Commercial Margarita Machine

Choosing the best commercial margarita machine depends a lot on how your restaurant operates and why you need the machine. But it is important to learn more about if there is a reservoir and how much it holds, the capacity of the machine, and the number of cylinders.

If you have any questions about choosing one that is right for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! You can also browse through our equipment sales to get a better feel for what you are going to get for your restaurant!

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