Should Your Restaurant Add a Slushie Machine?

Did you know that the invention of the Slurpee was accidental? In 1959, a Dairy Freeze franchise owner, Omar Knedlik, found that his soda fountain wasn’t working. He froze some pop bottles, and customers loved the slushy consistency.

A frozen drink is a perfect addition to a hot summer day. Adults and kids alike will enjoy the new addition of a slushie machine to your menu. With a multitude of flavors, you can keep all your customers satisfied.

Are you thinking about adding a slushie machine to your restaurant? Keep on reading to learn more about why a Taylor slush machine is your best bet to keep customers cool and coming back in the blazing summer heat.

1) Easy to Use

Slushies are made with pulverized ice that never freezes in cubes or blocks. Rather than blending cubed ice, a slushie machine uses water to create slushies from scratch.

All you need to do is add the flavors you like, and you’ll get your slushie ready in 30 to 60 minutes. It’s simple and easy to use, so you don’t need to provide any additional training to your staff. All you need to decide is what flavor you want to offer your customers.

2) Encourage Customer Interest

If you want to attract a whole new set of customers, a slushie machine can help you do that. Iced coffee is a common go-to for most adults on a hot summer day, but sometimes people want something different.

For those who want something unique, a frozen drink is the best option. You can increase customer interest in your restaurant by offering flavors that others don’t. If you find less interest in the flavor, it doesn’t take long to change up your theme to encourage renewed interest.

3) Generous Return on Investment

A slushie machine is a small investment upfront but can lead to a generous return on your investment in the future. Your ongoing expenses are low, which means you can break even and start making a profit sooner than you think. All you need is some space, bright signage, and unique flavors to start making your profit in no time. 

4) Stay Trendy

How about an adult slushie machine? With a Taylor margarita machine, you can take ordinary craft beers and cocktails and turn them into something special. If you have a patio and you want to stay trendy, consider offering Instagram-worthy adult slushies.

5) Variety for All

A frozen drink machine offers variety for all, including different flavors for kids and slushie cocktails for adults. Where kids can enjoy a cold drink, adults don’t usually have too many non-coffee options. By offering this variety, you can show your customers that you are thinking about their needs.

Get Your Slushie Machine Today

A slushie machine allows you to cater to your entire client base. From making a fun frozen drink for kids to a margarita mix for adults, you can keep everyone happy. Whether you have a pub or a restaurant, a frozen drink machine will fit right in and encourage customer interest. 

Schedule a consultation today to get your Taylor frozen drink machine. We offer the best commercial frozen drink machine and long-lasting relationships built on trust. When you work with us, you know that you are going to get quality that goes back generations. 

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