7 Big Questions About Taylor Clamshell Grills Answered

Taylor clamshell grills are a win-win for Wisconsin food service operations and customers, producing quality products and reducing labor and energy costs. These two-sided grills come in a variety of models that fit the needs of almost any restaurant or food service operation. They also come with a list of frequently asked questions and answers that can help food service managers choose the right Taylor clamshell grill for their business.

What are the benefits of a Taylor clamshell grill?

Smaller footprint. Taylor clamshell grills occupy a smaller footprint than a flat grill.

Programmable. Taylor grills are easy to program with current menu offerings and for any future possible menu items. Grills come with USB ports that allow for fast and efficient programming.

Faster, quality product. These grills cook product 2/3 faster than flat grills. Platens close at the touch of a button and cook food evenly on both sides. The result is reduced labor costs and a quality product. Taylor grills are equipped with rapid recovery times for fast production during busy times.

Are Taylor clamshell grills available for commercial kitchens with electric and gas sources?

Taylor clamshell grills are available for restaurants that need a grill that uses electric or electric and gas. Gas units also need an electrical connection for the platens. Taylor Grills are ENERGY STAR certified.

Can Taylor grills be programmed?

Taylor Grills are equipped with USB ports and touch screen for easy file transfer and programming. These commercial grills are versatile enough for programming current and future menu items.

How many platens are available on Taylor clamshell grills?

Taylor clamshell grills are available with one, two, or three platens. The platens provide even cooking with consistent temperatures across the surface.

What menu items can be cooked on a Taylor grill?

There are so many items that can be cooked on a Taylor clamshell grill! Taylor grills have been used to make burgers, chicken, fish, veggies, paninis, breakfast items and more.

What factors should be considered when choosing the right model?

Food service operators should consider the following factors when choosing a Taylor grill:

  • Size of grill (should be able to fit into kitchen footprint)
  • Number of servings needed (during peak times)
  • Energy source (gas or electric)
  • Programming (capacity for storing menu items)

Taylor grills come in a variety of sizes with one, two, or three platens. These commercial grills do come with quick recovery times, but businesses should choose the grill that produces the appropriate amount of servings during busy times. For businesses that prefer gas, Taylor clamshell grills use gas and electric for power and easily produce a quality product at the touch of a button. These grills are ENERGY STAR certified, translating into reduced energy and labor costs. Taylor grills use an easy-to-use touch screen and have the capacity for programming current and future menu items.

How can commercial facilities purchase a Taylor grill?

Taylor grills can be purchased at a local Taylor distributor. In Wisconsin, Taylor Enterprises sells and services Taylor grills. Contact Taylor Enterprises to purchase the right Taylor clamshell grill and get started enjoying the benefits of a Taylor grill.

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