Your Complete Guide to Taylor Commercial Ice Cream Machines

This guide to Taylor commercial ice cream machines seeks to answer every question about these exceptional machines, from the purchase throughout the life of the machine. The first thing to know about Taylor commercial ice cream machines is that they are considered the gold standard and a top choice for food service operations. Additionally, Taylor commercial equipment makes almost every kind of ice cream dessert, including soft serve, custard, frozen yogurt, shakes, cones, and sundaes.

Taylor ice cream machines are also equipped with options that ensure easy usage, reduce training time, ensure a quality and consistent product. These machines have indicator lights that alert operators when mix is low or out. Electronic controls guarantee that refrigeration is regulated and viscosity is continually measured for consistent, quality product. Taylor machines also come with a stand-by feature. This feature maintains safe product temperature in the mix hopper and the freezing cylinder during long no-use periods. The top-quality refrigeration system revolves around a flooded condenser design that ensures a consistent product and faster freeze times.

Taylor Machine Options

Taylor commercial ice cream machines are available for large and small kitchen footprints, making them perfect for ice cream shops, restaurants, cafeterias, and concession stands. They are capable of delivering one, multiple flavors, or a twist. These ice cream machines also produce shakes in common flavors or in creative flavors that customers don’t even know they love yet. Restaurants can review a list of fun dessert ideas for menu ideas before purchasing or contact a commercial equipment pro for machine options that serve common flavors.

For a different twist, Taylor Zamboozy machines produce adult frozen beverages from craft beers and cocktails. These machines are a win-win for restaurants and customers alike because restaurants can showcase their beverages creatively and customers can enjoy a cool adult beverage.


Choosing the Right Taylor Ice Cream Machine

With so many options, food service operations should consider a number of factors when selecting the right Taylor machine for their business. The right machine fits within a kitchen footprint, and delivers the type of ice cream and flavors they want to serve. Food service operations should also consider the capacity of the machine to ensure enough product is ready for serving during busy times. If the machine capacity is too small, the product consistency may not be correct and customer wait times may lengthen.

How to Select the Right Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Maintaining a Commercial Ice Cream Machine

Taylor commercial ice cream machines are fairly low-maintenance, but they do come with some maintenance tips that minimize breakdowns and consistently produce a high-quality product. Scrapers and O-rings, in particular, should be replaced every 3 months. Machines also require occasional lubrication. Fortunately, it’s fairly easy to order a Taylor Machine Tune-Up Kit and get exceptional service when needed.

Most maintenance can be done without calling for repair, especially with these blog post videos that demonstrate how to disassemble Taylor ice cream machines and troubleshoot common commercial ice cream problems.

(Complete) Guide to Taylor Ice Cream Machine Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Cleaning a Taylor Commercial Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream machine cleanings is important for two reasons: 1) preventing food borne illnesses 2) extending the life of the food service equipment. There is no set answer for how often to clean commercial ice cream machines, but there are guidelines that make setting a schedule easy. A commercial equipment pro can also recommend ice cream machine cleaning products that efficiently automate the process. These cleaning products reduce water usage and labor costs associated with ice cream machine cleaning costs.

How to Clean a Commercial Ice Cream Machine (With Easy-to-Use Videos)

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