6 BIG Things to Know About the Taylor Shake Freezer

The Taylor shake freezer is a versatile ice cream machine with a product everyone loves. (Who doesn’t love a good ice cream shake?) In addition to making a delicious shake every time, these commercial ice cream machines come with features that make the shake-making process easy and profitable.

Taylor Shake Machines

Viscosity can be adjusted on many Taylor shake freezer models.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, viscosity is the “the property of resistance to flow in any material with fluid properties.” When applying this term to ice cream mix, high viscosity translates into a thicker product. Taylor shake freezers come with a viscosity control that allows the operators to create a thicker or thinner shake. This control is easy-to-use and ensures that each shake has a consistent viscosity. Taylor shake machines also come with an indicator light so operators can refill mix when needed. (Ask a food equipment professional for more information about the easy-to-use viscosity control.)

There is single and multi-flavor Taylor shake freezers.

Taylor shake freezer models allow food service operation to allow a variety of flavors or to offer signature creations with one base flavor. The Taylor 60 offers four separate shake flavors: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla (unflavored shake mix), and an optional flavor. Other Taylor shake machines are more compact that allows food service operations to offer the same flavor every day or rotate the flavors (and shake ingredients) on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Taylor shake freezers come in sizes that fit into almost any kitchen footprint.

There are several Taylor shake freezer models available, in both countertop and floor options. Smaller models fit perfectly into smaller kitchens, such as in a concession stand, rented space, or small quick service operation. Larger machines fit efficiently into a kitchen with multiple counters and commercial appliances. (Taylor shake freezer model dimensions can be found in this Taylor shake machine guide.)

Taylor shake freezers come in a variety of capacities suitable for large and small scale food service operations.

Higher capacity cylinders and hoppers are a good fit for food service operations who need a large amount of servings during busy peak times. If the machine capacity is too small, the shake freezer may deliver an inconsistent product during busy times and increase customer wait times. (Contact a food equipment professional to choose the shake freezer with the right capacity for the operation.)

Fortunately, Taylor shake freezers are available freezing cylinder capacities ranging from 4-7 quart and mix hoppers as large as 20 quarts. Smaller capacity machines are a good fit for food service operations who offer small servings or don’t need a large amount of servings in a short time. For these operations, owning a large capacity machine incurs more product waste and higher energy costs.

Taylor shake freezers with the heat treatment feature reduces labor costs.

Many Taylor shake freezers and soft serve machine models come with the 28-day heat treatment feature. This feature uses a heating and cooling cycle to keep the product safe and lengthen the period between cleanings. A Taylor shake freezer with this feature can be disassembled and cleaned once a month while keeping the product safe. (Contact a food equipment professional for more information on the 28HT feature.) The result is less product waste, less labor costs, and less customer wait times when the machine is being cleaned.

These shake freezers are the start of many menu options.

Taylor shake freezers are the basis for classic creations and signature recipes. Food service operations can wow customers with the addition of traditional flavors and shakes with delicious syrups and candies to the menu.

Taylor Shake Freezer Models

Taylor offers a number of shake freezer models, including:

60 – Four Flavor




444 – Two Flavor


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