5 Cool Things to Know When Purchasing a Taylor Shake Machine

Taylor shake machines are some of the most versatile and durable ice cream machines on the market. However, there is so much more to consider when purchasing a Taylor shake machine for a restaurant, ice cream shop, or food service operation.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Taylor Shake Machine

Every food service operation should consider these factors when purchasing an ice cream machine:

  • Recovery time of the machine (especially during busy times)
  • Size of servings
  • Amount sold during peak times
  • Menu offering ideas
  • Space available in kitchen

All these factors play an important part in choosing a machine that is the correct size and capacity for the operation. Taylor shake machines are equipped with refrigeration and viscosity controls for a quick recovery and quality product, and come in capacities for businesses that serve a high or low volume of product. The machines also come with stand-by mode that maintains the product and reduces energy costs during non-busy times.

Consult a commercial ice cream machine professional for assistance in choosing the best Taylor shake machine for a food service business. In the meantime, here are a few important things to know before purchasing a Taylor shake machine.

Things to Know About Owning a Taylor Shake Machine

Menu options are almost limitless with Taylor shake machines.

The Taylor shake machine combines ice cream with fresh fruits, candies, or flavored syrups. This means there are multiple options that restaurants and food service operations can offer, including low-fat, healthier options. With a Taylor shake machine, restaurants can offer traditional favorites like hot fudge or strawberry shakes or new favorites that customers love to try.

These machines come in models that can fit in almost any size kitchen.

Taylor shake machines are space-saving commercial ice cream machines that deliver the most product without occupying a significant amount of floor space. These machines come in floor and countertop models that fit in the smallest and largest spaces.

There are single and multi-flavor options.

Some Taylor shake machines and freezers allow restaurants and food service operations to offer both soft serve and shakes from one machine. In addition, shake machines come in single- and multi-flavor machines. Restaurants can mix and match ingredients to create customer favorites that bring customers back again and again.

Viscosity is customizable on Taylor Shake Machines.

Taylor shake machines are easy-to-use by employees and can be adjusted to create a custom and quality product. In the simplest terms, Taylor shake machines allow operators to adjust for a harder or softer ice cream. The viscosity can be adjusted with easy-to-use controls on the machine. Taylor shake machines also come with indicator lights that alert employees when mix is low and needs to be added.

Some Taylor machines come with a feature that keeps food safe and only needs a once-a-month cleaning.

The US Department of Food and Drug Administration Food Code 2017 mandates that soft serve ice cream machines be cleaned once a day. (Read these blogs for information on how often to clean an ice cream machine and regulations on ice cream machine cleaning.) With Taylor’s special 28-day heat treatment feature, restaurants and food service operations can reduce the amount of cleanings needed to once every 28 days. This feature reduces labor and training costs, while maintaining food safety. There are also automated ice cream machine cleaning systems that can make commercial ice cream machine cleaning easier and reduce labor and water costs.

There are online videos that can help with assembly, disassembly, and troubleshooting.

Purchasing a Taylor shake machine is only the first step in ownership. There are many resources available for businesses with a Taylor shake machine and can help with assembly, disassembly, adjusting the viscosity, and other troubleshooting issues. There are also instructional videos with tips on web sites Facebook, YouTube, and blogs. These resources, along with advice from commercial equipment professionals, can deliver shakes that managers can be proud of and customers crave.

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