5 BIG Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Taylor Shake Machines

The only thing more impressive than the quality of Taylor shake machines is the amount of models available for food service operations. This list of questions is here to help owners and managers select the right shake machine for their food service operation.

Taylor Shake Machine Questions

There are a variety of Taylor shake freezers and soft-serve add-ons available for food service operations, all of which come with features that produce a quality product and make them easy-to-use. All shake machine models are able to maintain a superior shake quality in terms of texture, viscosity and taste. Taylor shake machines also come with alerts that indicate when mix is low.

Fortunately, it is easy to narrow down the list of Taylor shake freezers and add-ons to the right Taylor shake machine by asking key questions and contacting a commercial equipment professional for easy advice.

Size of shakes offered?

Shake machine capacity is a key factor in choosing the right Taylor shake machine. Shake machines are available with freezing cylinder capacities ranging from 4-7 quart. Machines with mix hoppers as large as 20 quarts. Some larger capacity machines come with multiple freezing cylinders and mix hoppers. It’s important for food service operations to choose the right machine capacity that fits their serving sizes and sales volume. (A commercial food service equipment professional can help food service operations select the right capacity based on their estimate of servings sold during their busiest hour.)

Higher capacity cylinders and hoppers are ideal for food service operations who serve a large amount of servings in a short period. These machines produce quality product during busy times; a machine with a small capacity delivers products with an incorrect consistency and increase customer wait times during times of heavy use. Smaller capacity machines are a good fit for food service operations who offer small servings or don’t need a large amount of servings in a short time. For these operations, owning a large capacity machine incurs more product waste and higher energy costs.

Possible flavors?

Shake freezers and add-on equipment allow food service operations to offer as many as 8 flavors. For operations who want to offer basic flavors, Taylor shake freezers offer customer favorites like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry (either one or all of these shake flavors). Some machines offer basic flavors and allow food service operations to add custom flavors. The custom flavor offering is a favorite for food service operations who want to offer a different custom flavor each week or month. These Taylor shake machines combine syrup with frozen shake mix to deliver a well-blended shake. Flavors can be selected by the operators with the touch of a button.

Flavor Burst add-ons are compatible with almost any soft serve machine and add candies and other toppings to soft serve for delicious menu offerings. Food service operations offer up to 8 different flavors with the Flavor Burst Crunchicreme equipment. Operators use a touchscreen to choose the flavor.

Space available for additional equipment?

Taylor shake machines come in a variety of sizes. Some occupy a small compact footprint while other larger machines take up more space. (Exact Taylor shake freezer dimensions can be found in this guide to Taylor shake freezers.) Flavor Burst Crunchicreme equipment is an add-on to a soft serve machine, but delivers more of a soft shake in a dish as opposed to a more deluxe shake offering.

Possibility of offering other kinds of frozen drinks? Can it serve alcoholic beverages?

While certain models only offer shakes, some Taylor shake machines are able to serve other drinks as well. These machines are able to serve shakes, smoothies, tea slush beverages, and cocktails. The Taylor Zamboozy even gives food service operations the opportunity to serve custom cocktails and slushies from craft beers.

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