What are the benefits of pressure fryers?

Fried foods are a key part of any menu, and a reason customers flock to businesses with the best chicken, pork, turkey, and fish around (because a good Wisconsin menu always includes a fish fry). These popular menu items can be produced better and more efficiently in a pressure fryer, making this piece of kitchen equipment a “must know” for any owner or manager of a restaurant, gas station, tavern, bar, and concession stand.    

How does pressure frying work?

Pressure frying is a version of pressure cooking. During pressure frying, meat and oil are heated quickly in an enclosed, pressurized environment. The process of pressure frying is different from open frying because the meat is fried at a lower temperature. Commercial pressure fryers are used at any business that wants to produce chicken, pork, turkey, and fish.

What are the advantages of pressure frying?

The benefits of pressure frying mirror the wants of customers and the companies that produce delicious chicken, pork, turkey, and fish. Indeed, the advantages of pressure fryers seem to directly follow the old saying “what the customer wants, the customer gets,” while still meeting the needs of commercial business owners and their bottom line.

Lower Customer Wait Time

Because of the turbulent frying process, chicken, pork, turkey, and fish are heated evenly and quickly. This leads to less customer wait times, hot meals served with a fresh flavor, and higher customer satisfaction (because no one wants to wait for their food).

Pressure FryingMore Flavorful Food

During pressure frying, a pressurized bubble forms around the food, trapping in flavor, nutrients, and natural juices (virtually no flavor transfer!).    

Less Oil Use & More Oil Life

Because the food does not absorb oil, oil lasts longer and pressure fryers require less maintenance. Pressure fryers also require less oil compared to other fryers.

Decreased Energy Costs

Because pressure fryers produce hot and delicious foods at a lower temperature, they use less energy and can decrease operational costs.

What brands of pressure fryers are there? What is the cost of a commercial pressure fryer?

There are a lot of commercial pressure fryers on the market. Henny Penny pressure fryers are an industry leader in fryer innovation. Henny Penny pressure fryers offer unique design features that satisfy customers and business owner’s desire for low operational costs and efficiency (contact us to get the numbers that pertain directly to your bottom line).

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