What Should a Commercial Milkshake Machine Feature?

Milkshakes are one of the most beloved desserts in American culture. You see them in movies and sitcoms when young lovers go on dates. You crave them after eating a burger and fries.

Some people try to replicate their favorite milkshakes at home but often miss the mark. There’s a reason for that. A commercial milkshake machine has several features and capabilities that a personal one cannot match.

There are critical features to look for in the best milkshake machine your Wisconsin business needs. In this guide, we’ll explore some of those features in more depth.

Look for a Commercial Milkshake Machine With Quiet Operation Noise

If you’ve ever operated a home slushie machine or ice cream machine, it probably sounds like a chorus of chainsaws. Many commercial milkshake machine options sound similar, but you can also find quieter models.

Depending on the size of your business, this feature may not matter as much. If your milkshake machine is in the back of a kitchen where it won’t disrupt diners-in, it probably doesn’t matter if it’s loud.

If you run a smaller operation like a food truck, a loud machine could become a problem. It may prevent you and your workers from hearing customers as they place their orders.

Instead, look for a quieter option that lets you hear what others are saying. This way, you won’t have to shout over machines to make yourself heard.

Automatic Stop Feature for Your Milkshake Machine

Running a diner or food truck is a fast-paced business. You and your staff won’t have time to stand around waiting for a milkshake machine to stop mixing. So, you’ll need a product that can stop mixing your drink automatically.

Typically, these machines follow a standard process. First, you’ll put together whatever ingredients you need.

Then, you’ll place the malt cup below the machine agitator. From there, turn on the machine. 

If it has an automatic stop feature, you can leave it and handle another quick task while it mixes. These products free up time and help make your operation more efficient.

Choosing Multiple Settings

One of the best things you can do for your business is to kill two birds with one stone. Find a machine that has several different settings you can use to make various icy treats.

For instance, you may want a product that can serve as a frozen yogurt machine and a milkshake machine. Another excellent benefit is if your machine can make more than one dessert at a time.

For example, let’s say you have six milkshake orders. Wouldn’t it be much faster to make three of these at once rather than wait on six individual orders?

Find Your Milkshake Machine Today

A commercial milkshake machine can provide Wisconsin businesses with several benefits. After all, this is the dairy state! We have the materials, so all you need is the right product to make the best milkshake.

If you’re looking for the best milkshake machine models, check out our selection! We carry some of the best brands in the business to give you the service you need. 

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