Your Guide to Commercial Countertop Deep Fryers

Want to offer fried foods, but don’t have a ton of countertop space? Fortunately, there are many commercial countertop deep fryers that produce customers’ favorites (French fries, fried cheese sticks, etc.) without occupying a large amount of space.

Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

There are a number of factors to consider when purchasing a commercial countertop deep fryer. Businesses should ask themselves these questions and contact a commercial kitchen equipment professional to determine which fryer meet the needs of the business.

  • What amount of space is available for fryer?
  • What is the availability of electric or gas? (Countertop deep fryers are available in electric and gas.)
  • What is the fryer capacity needed to produce enough fried product during busy times?
  • Is there enough space around the commercial countertop deep fryer to protect employees from splatters? (If not, consider a ventless fryer that contains the splatter for easy and safe use.)
  • Does the deep fryer come with easy-to-use programmable controls for easy use by employees and a quality product?

Commercial Countertop Deep Fryers

Commercial countertop deep fryers come in open and ventless models. Both types of fryers share commonalities. Countertop fryers are extremely versatile, able to fry a variety of foods. With a small footprint, these countertop deep fryers are easy to move during layout changes or if the business is moving to a new location. All deep fryers require some maintenance to ensure the fried foods taste their best.

The capacity of countertop fryers vary and include smaller- and larger-capacity models. Smaller-capacity models require a small amount of oil and hold one or two baskets. Larger-capacity models hold more product in larger baskets and multiple baskets, ideal for businesses that need larger quantities of fried product during busy times.

Countertop Open Fryers

Open fryers are one of the most common commercial countertop fryers because of their affordability and ease of use. There are some drawbacks to these units. Countertop open fryers do splatter, increasing the risk of fire and injury to employees. Many countertop open fryers don’t come with an auto lift feature, meaning they require careful monitoring by employees. If there are multiple employees that may be using the fryer, businesses can purchase countertop fryers with programmable controls that ensure a consistent, quality product.

Ventless Deep Fryers

Ventless deep fryers are completely enclosed, reducing the chance of fire and injury. These units typically come with programmable pre-sets that produce a consistent product every time (including during busy times).

These fryers don’t require an overhead hood, decreasing the cost of installation. The absence of a hood also means the units are odorless. Without a hood, they are mobile units which is ideal in a rented space.

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