4 Reasons Why Businesses Love the Taylor Ice Cream Machine

It doesn’t matter that the average temperature in Wisconsin is only 46.25 °F. People love eating ice cream in the snow, rain, or sunshine; it’s the treat that you never get tired of!

That’s why one of the best things you can do to boost your business’s sales is by investing in an ice cream machine. Keep reading to learn why Wisconsin customers love the Taylor ice cream machine and why your business needs one.

1. Upsell Opportunity

The best way to increase your receipt is by offering items you can upsell. However, if your business doesn’t already have an accessible item to make an upsell, you’re missing out on potential income.

Also, anyone can use the Taylor soft serve ice cream machine. It doesn’t take much training to get up to speed, meaning you can quickly get your product out to your customers.

2. Adds Variety to Your Menu

If your menu is small, or you have a lot of the same ingredients mixed differently, you need to add some variety to it!

People look for menus that have many variations so they can always get what they’re craving.

It doesn’t matter whether you serve burgers or pizza. Adding ice cream to your menu lets you expand and gives people more reason to come to you.

3. Many Types of Equipment to Choose From

There are many Taylor ice cream machine options for your business to choose from, and they’re all great! The twin twist can serve two separate soft serve flavors, or you can swirl the flavors together. The single flavor machine is perfect for quick cones, sundaes, or even ice cream sandwiches!

If you’re looking to serve shakes, the shake freezers are perfect, no matter your capacity. Get the custard machine for tasty frozen custard or sorbet.

The heat treat machine is easily our most popular one. You can serve a variety of treats from low to non-fat ice creams and yogurt.  

4. Attract New Customers

Think about the restaurants near you; how many of them serve ice cream year-round? Chances are most ice cream shops shut down for the winter. This is the perfect opportunity to get people into your restaurant with a product no one else has.

Offer free ice cream with a meal or a buy one get one free coupon for anyone who comes in on the first-day snowfalls, which in Wisconsin can be as early as October.

Get Your Taylor Ice Cream Machine Today!

Now that you know why businesses love the Taylor ice cream machine, it’s time for you to get yours today. Remember, there are many different types of equipment for you to choose from, and it’s an excellent way for you to attract new customers!

If you’re still on the fence about buying a machine, reach out to us today! We’ve been helping Wisconsin businesses like yours expand their menu for years, and we can’t wait to help you too.

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