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Henny Penny equipment
Henny Penny

Exploring Henny Penny Equipment for Your Restaurant Kitchen

Based in Eaton, OH, Henny Penny is an American company that produces restaurant-quality cooking equipment for many popular clients, such as KFC, McDonald’s, and Wendy’s. Today, Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. is proud to be one of the few exclusive distributors of Henny Penny equipment in Wisconsin, so more local restaurants can enjoy the benefits

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digital menu board
digital menu boards for restaurants

How a Digital Menu Board Can Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Fast food restaurants and diners have used overhead, behind-the-counter menu boards for decades. They’re typically associated with quick, in-and-out style dining service; however, many businesses in the food service industry are now using them as well—but with one important upgrade: digitizing them. At a cafe or a sit-down restaurant, a digital menu board can have

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commercial blender
Commercial Blender

Cut Your Kitchen Time in Half With This Commercial Blender in Wisconsin

Are you a business owner facing an uphill battle to create fresh and delicious frozen options for your customers in a limited window of time? If so, then there’s no doubt the stress can be overwhelming—not to mention the burden it puts on your kitchen staff. Thankfully, those worries can become a thing of the

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Taylor Ice Cream Machine
commercial ice cream machines

5 Reasons You Should Invest in a Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Wisconsin previously had multiple 90-degree weather days. Unfortunately, such scorching weather is here to stay. Locals should expect sweltering summers for years to come.  For business-minded persons, this poses a huge business opportunity. A frosty ice cream or frozen yogurt dessert will drive the crowd to your shop. You’d purr out of relief when you taste

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Slushie Machine
commercial slushie machines

The Benefits Investing in a Slushie Machine for Your Coffee Shop

Several things come to mind when you think of spring and summer. Some are the glorious sunshine, swimming in lakes, and the festival atmosphere. However, the first thing you think of is an ice-cold slush! The iconic drink is packed with ice, sweetness, and vibrant colors. Nothing is more enjoyable than cooling off with a

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Soft Serve Machine
soft serve machine

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Soft Serve Machine

It’s safe to say that we Americans have a sweet tooth. This is especially true when it comes to ice cream, given that 90% of Americans say they regularly eat this delicious treat. If you own a business and are thinking about buying a new soft serve machine, it’s important to choose the right option

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taylor ice cream machine
ice cream machines maintenance and repair

How to Maintain Your Taylor Ice Cream Machine

The state of Wisconsin is known for its dairy products and has served as the birthplace of some of America’s favorite dairy dishes. For instance, somebody once asked for chocolate sauce on their ice cream, which hadn’t been done before. The vendor complied and the sundae was born. One of the biggest ice cream machine

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shake machine
commercial shake machines

The Pros and Cons of Owning a Commercial Shake Machine

Did you know that strawberry milkshakes, not chocolate or vanilla, are the most popular in the United States? Surprised? Well, what surprises us more is that they have such a thing as bacon milkshakes now as well – we love bacon and we love milkshakes, but should the two really mix? in any case, the

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