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Combination oven
commercial combi oven

Top 5 Reasons Why Every Restaurant Needs a Combination Oven

In the fast-paced world of restaurant kitchens, efficiency and versatility are key to success. One piece of equipment that has been gaining popularity for its ability to enhance both is the combination oven. Also known as a combi oven, this multi-functional appliance combines the capabilities of a convection oven, a steam oven, and a combination

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Soft-serve ice cream machine
soft serve ice cream machine cleaning

The Top Benefits of a Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine at Your Store

Few desserts are as universally beloved as soft-serve ice cream. With its creamy texture and endless flavor possibilities, soft-serve ice cream has become a staple in many stores, from quick-service restaurants to convenience shops. If you’re considering adding this delightful offering to your store, investing in a soft-serve ice cream machine could be one of

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frozen beverage freezers
frozen drink machine for restaurant

Boost Business This Summer With Frozen Beverage Freezers

Summer in Wisconsin is a time of vibrant community events, bustling tourism, and locals seeking to make the most of the warm weather. For businesses in the food and beverage industry, it presents a unique opportunity to captivate this lively audience with refreshing offerings that promise relief from the heat. A game-changer for many establishments

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Pressure fryers
Pressure Fryers

Pressure Fryers: A Must-Have for Wisconsin Commercial Kitchens

In the heart of the Midwest, Wisconsin’s culinary scene is as diverse and hearty as its culture. From traditional Friday fish fries to farm-to-table delicacies, the demand for quality, efficiency, and flavor in food preparation is paramount. It’s here that pressure fryers become not just an option but a necessity for commercial kitchens looking to

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Taylor soft serve machine
taylor ice cream machines

Why Should You Invest in a Taylor® Soft Serve Machine?

Investing in a Taylor® soft serve machine can be a game-changer for anyone in the food and beverage industry looking to up their dessert game. This machine is a top-quality piece of equipment that specializes in creating delicious soft serve treats like ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. With its user-friendly design and high efficiency,

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Digital menu board
digital menu boards

When Is the Right Time to Invest in a Digital Menu Board?

Digital menu boards have become a game-changer for businesses in the food industry. These modern displays allow restaurants, cafes, and other food establishments to showcase their offerings in a dynamic and engaging way.  By digitally displaying menus, businesses can easily update prices, add new items, and promote specials without the hassle of printing and replacing

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open fryers
pressure fryer or open fryer restaurant

What Are the Key Differences Between Pressure Fryers and Open Fryers?

When it comes to frying up delicious dishes in your commercial kitchen, the choice between pressure fryers and open fryers can make a world of difference. While they may look similar at first glance, these two pieces of equipment offer unique capabilities that can greatly impact the quality and efficiency of your food service operation.

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commercial restaurant grills

Top Benefits of a Two-Sided Grill at Your Restaurant

If you own or manage a restaurant, you know high-quality equipment is essential for efficiently preparing delicious meals. One piece of equipment that every restaurant needs is a versatile and durable grill. Have you considered getting a two-sided grill? Here are some of the top benefits of having one in your commercial kitchen. Save Space

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Soft serve machine
soft serve machine

What Kind of Soft Serve Machine Is Best for Your Restaurant? 

You aim to be one of the best restaurants in Wisconsin, which means you need the best equipment on the market to make your menu incredible. Soft serve machines allow you to provide delicious soft serve ice cream to your customers along with frozen yogurt.  When it comes to choosing the best piece of equipment,

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Food warmer
keeping food warm

The Top 6 Benefits of Having a Food Warmer

A restaurant food warmer is a crucial piece of equipment for anyone operating a restaurant. The food service industry has high standards for food preparation and storage, and a professional warmer can help you meet your goals. Food warmers are surprisingly versatile and offer many advantages. Top Benefits of Having a Food Warmer Temperature Control

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