Fun New Beverage Ideas for Your Restaurant Menu

Restaurant managers, concession stand supervisors, and campground operators are always trying to find the next popular menu item. Those menu items are not always food; sometimes, the big buzz menu item is a drink (especially on the coldest and hottest Wisconsin days!).

Fortunately, adding a popular drink to the menu does not always need to include purchasing tons of new kitchen equipment. Most modern beverage equipment is made to manufacture many different flavors of drinks efficiently. (Contact a representative to determine what equipment is needed for a new beverage menu item.) Blending beverage machines are made to blend quickly, decreasing customer wait times and allowing restaurants to offer a variety of blended beverages. When there is a lull in beverage orders, equipment features ensure that the machines maintain proper temperature for a delicious, quality drink every time.

Tropical Drinks

Flavored drinks are a new beverage trend. Think key lime coloda, flavored lemonades, and fruity mocktails. These drinks are a hot menu item when the humidity rises on the hottest Wisconsin days and make a great alternative to soft drinks. If blending is involved, research blending equipment that can decrease customer wait times and make it an in-demand flavored drink.


Ice cream drinks are a hot seasonal item and an easy item to prepare—even when the line gets long. For a fun take on this traditional dessert, consider adding a different shake offering, such as a shake with a candy or cookie ingredient. If the latter is a top menu option, consider purchasing equipment that ensures a consistent product with an equal measuring system (which can save time and funds-ask for more information).

Slushes and Smoothies

These beverages are popular among customers of all ages. Select the flavors that fit the target audience, and feel free to offer an unusual flavor (such as a sour-flavored slush which can a hit with younger customers).

If customers care about a drink with health benefits, research equipment that produces smoothies with healthy ingredients. Specifically, low-sugar smoothies with natural ingredients can be incredibly popular; promote those ingredients with well-placed signs and displays.

Specialty Coffees

Coffee has always been a popular choice, but now chilled brews are capturing customers’ attention. To meet customer needs, offer these specialty coffees in easy-to-go containers and packaging. While this new take on brews are a popular trend, continue to offer more traditional coffees for the “I’ll take black” crowd.

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