Design the Perfect Digital Menu Board With an ElectroMenu

With a digital menu board from Taylor Enterprises of WI, your quick-serve restaurant, bar, or other food establishment will reap many benefits. Choose from a single-screen or multi-screen digital menu board that will enhance the look and feel of your business. If you have ever wondered how the most successful companies create the perfect digital menu boards, you have come to the right place. Learn how to customize your digital menu board to maximize your profits and take advantage of all the incredible features of your ElectroMenu. 

Take Advantage of Hot Spots

When designing your digital menu, location is everything. A hot spot is the part of the menu that a customer’s eyes will gravitate toward first. Therefore, taking time to learn about your best sellers will be incredibly beneficial in choosing a suitable layout for your menu and increasing your sales. 

Every aspect of your digital menu board should serve a clear purpose. You must keep the board neat. Customers will quickly know what they want to order when a menu clearly utilizes blank spaces and hot spots. This cuts down wait times and improves customer satisfaction. 

What Would the Customer Think?

In the design process, it is essential to consider what customers will think about when they look at the menu. Customer satisfaction will depend on the following:

  • Is your menu easy to understand?
  • Is your menu easy to read? Are the fonts too small? Is the contrast too low?
  • What is the size of the display?
  • Are the colors consistent throughout?

At the end of the day, your customers will benefit from your digital menu board more than anyone else. Choosing visually appealing colors, fonts, and graphics will enhance their experience, making them likely to return.

Invest in Quality Photos

When used correctly, digital menu boards can be an attractive and profitable investment for your business. Whether you have a static menu board or a motion board, it is easier to tempt hungry customers when the photos leave them wanting more. Investing in quality photographs is one way to ensure an eye-catching menu board. Customers rely heavily on images when making food choices. 

Think about it. You might want to know what a menu item looks like before you eat it. An appetizing, high-resolution image will make the difference in whether a customer wants an item or not. 

The Best Choice for Digital Menu Boards in Wisconsin

Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. is Wisconsin’s go-to source for food service equipment and digital menu boards. If you want to enhance your business’s look with an ElectroMenu, look no further. With many options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find a digital menu board that fits your needs. As an exclusive distributor of Taylor® equipment serving the Wisconsin area for several decades, customer satisfaction is one of our key priorities. More than just a company that sells equipment, we also service and repair all our machines using only OEM parts. Contact us today to receive your custom quote.

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