Digital Menus for Restaurants FAQ’s

The best digital menus for restaurants are about more than just display. Digital menus add functionality, “wow” customers, and even increase sales. The right digital menus for restaurants also strategically up-sell items and streamline operations. This guide to digital menus for restaurants explains how a digital menu, specifically the ElectroMenu digital menu board system, works and answers any questions owners and managers may have about these valuable systems.

How does a digital menu work? What are the benefits?

A digital menu displays menu items and specials on one or multiple digital menu boards for customers. Digital menu boards can be hung indoors or outdoors. ElectroMenu digital menu boards are controlled through easy-to-use design tools. Operators can easily customize the font, images, menu listing, item descriptions on each slide. Pictures can easily be added, and can transition as needed. Even videos and animations can be added to enhance the display and spur impulse transactions. A simple menu change can be done quickly and efficiently. Operators can create multiple slides with these customizations and schedule them to change automatically. Once the system is purchased, there are no design costs or operating fees.    

Once programmed, ElectroMenu displays the information clearly so customers can see and read price and nutritional information. ElectroMenu high-resolution screens can be used to advertise products or events, improve flow with clear communications, and display required information in high resolution. One of the biggest benefits of digital menus for restaurants is its ability to capture customers’ attention. The ElectroMenu has even been proven to increase sales. Because of the added value, these digital menu boards typically pays for itself within 7-12 months.

Does the ElectroMenu system need internet to function?

ElectroMenu digital menus don’t need internet to function a single screen at a location, though information on the board can be changed remotely. Because it doesn’t rely on wi-fi or internet, there are less chance of break downs and service interruptions. Slides can be programmed to automatically change on scheduled days and times. Owners and managers should contact a food service professional about the ElectroMenu system with the right number of screens that suits their needs.

Can digital menus hold breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus? Does an employee need to manually switch between menus?

With ElectroMenu, operators can create multiple slides and set times for the slides to automatically change. This means the system can be used to create menus for each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), holidays (a different slide for each holiday), and for promotional periods (such as a sale).

Menu offerings are entered as items, which are easily searchable by name, comment, or price. Items can also be accompanied by the size of the item if there are multiple offerings.

Operators can set menus to change many times a day and during special periods, such as happy hour. Menus can also be created well in advance (up to a year before) and scheduled to run for a time period, full day, or during a date range (i.e. week, holiday period, etc.)

Can digital menus be installed outdoors?

Yes. ElectroMenu boards can function in the harshest of environments, as well as indoors.

How much does a digital menu system cost?

The cost of an ElectroMenu digital menu system depends on the exact needs of the restaurant or food service operation. There are systems with a single screen at a single location, single screens at multiple locations, multiple screens at a single location, or multiple screens at multiple locations. Owners and managers should contact a food service professional to get a quote for the ElectroMenu system that meets their needs.

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