Here’s Why Your Restaurant Absolutely Needs a Frozen Drink Machine

Is there anything more tasty or refreshing than a frozen beverage? They’re great with booze or even a fun mocktail. 

Blended drinks have more of a historical context than the bright neon sugar-laced slushies of our childhoods. 

The frozen daiquiri was allegedly created in Cuba during the time of prohibition. At that time, Cuba was one of the closest geographical locations that Americans could go to drink legally.  

If you are thinking of getting a frozen drink machine in your restaurant, we’re here to tell you why you absolutely should!

Increase Your Profits 

One of the greatest benefits of a frozen drinks machine in your restaurant is how profitable the drinks are. 

Not only is the machine low maintenance, but the drink varieties that can be made with this machine are endless. New technology allows the machine to run smoothly and even predicts when an error may arise. This allows the machine to troubleshoot and save you the hassle of maintenance. 

Investing in the machine allows you to create an array of beverages that have a great markup. If you market your drinks in the right way, bar drinks are known to have upwards of 80% profit for each drink sold. 

Create Themed Drinks 

With a frozen margarita machine in our restaurant, you can get innovative with your drinks menu. 

We used to think of a slush machine catering to younger audiences, but when you add alcohol, adults are all in. You can attract a broader clientele with your drink offerings. You can create theme nights where you serve certain frozen drinks.

This is great even in colder climates. You can create a tiki night or a tropical theme night to give your guests a vacation feel with a frozen bevy. 

Add Variety to Your Menu

Creating signature drinks is just one of the ways to make you stand out as a business. The restaurant industry is quite competitive and giving your menu items personality and flare is one way to keep your guests coming back. 

If you have an experienced bar staff, you can let them get creative by trying out new drink recipes using the drinks machine. New machines also have carbonated and non-carbonated options.  

It also allows you to consistently spice up your cocktail list. 

Easy to Use for Your Staff 

As a restaurant owner, it may be concerning to allow your staff to use new equipment. 

Luckily, if you are introducing machines for frozen drinks in your establishment, you’ll be happy to know that they are super easy for all of your staff to use.

New models are don’t require much maintenance and training your staff to use and clean the machine is easy. 

A Final Thought on Why You Need a Frozen Drink Machine

For custom drinks, additional menu items, and high profitability, a frozen drink machine is essential for your business. You can create new and fun frozen drink recipes with minimal maintenance and ease of use. 

If you are a restaurant owner, you may be wondering, where can I find a frozen drink machine near me?

For the best foodservice equipment in Wisconsin, Taylor Enterprises has got you covered. 

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