How a Digital Menu Board Can Increase Your Restaurant Sales

Fast food restaurants and diners have used overhead, behind-the-counter menu boards for decades. They’re typically associated with quick, in-and-out style dining service; however, many businesses in the food service industry are now using them as well—but with one important upgrade: digitizing them. At a cafe or a sit-down restaurant, a digital menu board can have numerous benefits for operations as well as increasing sales. Find out what these are below.

Benefits of a Digital Menu Board

Instantly Accessible Menu

With a digital menu board, customers are less likely to spend time asking your staff or navigating on their smartphones to see your menu. A clear and visible menu board not only allows visitors instant access to your menu offerings but also lets your staff focus on serving customers who are ready to place an order.

More Visibility for Promotions

While restaurant businesses now typically announce ongoing specials online, whether on their website or social media channels, the average person is unlikely to keep up with your online presence unless they’re a diehard fan. Printed in-store signage might be a seemingly good idea, but over time, the cost associated with printing for temporary promotions isn’t really feasible in the long term. A digital menu board allows you to update restaurant signage anytime you want to reflect promotions across multiple branches from the convenience of your desk.

Calibration Across Multiple Stores

As mentioned above, you can update menus and important promotions across multiple stores to reflect the same message. This technology can help you save time in making sure all of your restaurant branches are updated with the correct information. Conversely, you might also want to customize different menu items or special promotions unique to each branch depending on their supply and demand needs. Having a digital menu board at your disposal allows you to streamline operations throughout all your stores without having to visit them in person.

Improve Ambiance

Digital menu boards can instantly improve your restaurant’s ambiance by boosting your reputation as a professional business. While handheld or digital menus are great, having a large screen on display at your establishment commands more attention and shows your customers that you are serious about food service.

Increase Service Speed

Finally, having a digital menu board in your restaurant allows your customers to read your menu and decide what they want from the moment they walk through the door. This cuts the time involved in (or even the need for) having your staff clean menus, bring them out to tables, and wait on guests to order. While your customers are in line to order, they can read your specials on the digital display and consider add-ons to their orders. Plus, your staff can efficiently serve other customers while some may still be deciding what to order.

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