How to Select the Right Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Customers love ice cream, and restaurants love Taylor Ice Cream Machines. These machines are reliable, easy-to-use, and serve a variety of ice cream products perfect for any restaurant, concession stand, or ice cream shop menu.

There are a variety of Taylor Ice Cream Machines on the market that can serve different ice cream products during busy times and maintain the mix during stand-by periods. Here’s how to choose the best Taylor Ice Cream Machine for a restaurant, and critical factors to consider.

Tips for Choosing a Taylor Ice Cream Machine

Machine Size

The right Taylor Ice Cream Machine fits a restaurants’ needs and kitchen space. For kitchens with a smaller kitchen footprint, countertop models offer a compact size and quality product. Floor models can occupy a slimmer opening with a basic offering or a larger space with a machine that offers multiple flavors.

Typically, higher-capacity models are available in floor models. These machines are equipped with features that enable a restaurant to offer more servings per hour. (Contact an experienced commercial ice cream machine professional for more information on Taylor Freezer features.)


Wisconsin temperatures can incredibly extreme in winter and summer, making refrigeration a high priority when purchasing a commercial ice cream machine. Taylor ice cream machines have electronic controls that maintain refrigeration and viscosity, which is an essential part of delivering a quality and consistent product. These features can be vital during busy times when there is a high amount of servings per hour.

During non-peak times, the stand-by feature is invaluable. Stand-by features maintain the right conditions that ensures the machine is ready to serve a quality ice cream product when needed.

Type of Ice Cream

Taylor Ice Cream Machines can produce shakes, cones, sundaes, and other customer favorites. Before choosing a Taylor Ice Cream Machine, businesses should choose what menu offerings they would like to offer to customers. This decision can help a restaurant choose the right Taylor Ice Cream Freezer. (For assistance, contact an experienced professional for information on Taylor Ice Cream Freezers.)


Some Taylor Ice Cream Freezers offer a single flavor, while others offer multiple flavors. For some businesses, a single machine with basic flavors fits with the menu offerings. However, if a restaurant wants to offer more flavors, such as trending flavors or a flavor-of-the-week (or month), the business should contact a local commercial equipment professional for options.


In addition to flavor offerings, the amount of ice cream served is an important part of choosing a Taylor Ice Cream Machine. The right capacity machine consistently serves a quality product. Lower capacity machines are available for businesses that offer smaller serving sizes. Higher capacity machines deliver more product efficiently for businesses with higher servings per hour.

If a business purchases a Taylor Ice Cream Machine that is too small, it can delay customer serve times and produce a lower-quality product. The right capacity machine can also keep operational costs and maintenance low.

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