8 BIG Benefits of a Magna Blend Commercial Blender

The Magna Blend Commercial Blender blends the best features of a commercial smoothie maker, rinse station, and shaved ice dispenser into one easy-to-use and efficient appliance. Every feature of a Magna Blend drink mixer is designed to increase service speed, making it an excellent choice for drive-thru operations and food service operations where speed is king. This blog details the features of this revolutionary drink mixer and blending system.

Fast Blending Time

One of the biggest perks of a Magna Blend beverage center is the incredibly fast blending time. This commercial blender boasts a nine-second blend and two blending pitchers that allows a food service operation to meet customer demand during busy serving times. The blender pitcher is BPA-free and produces two 16-ounce servings. This next generation beverage mixer makes customer favorites faster and quieter than other commercial blenders.

Long Lasting Parts

Magna Blend Commercial Blenders create delicious products without the use of grinding gears. Instead, the Magna Blend drink mixer uses magnetic force and a proprietary sealed design that ensures that parts last longer and there is no moisture build-up. (See the Magna Blend in action.) This no-friction process translates into less downtime due to costly breakdowns. The beverage production process is also quieter, thanks to this revolutionary design.

Easy Recipe Uploading

The Magna Blend Commercial Blender is equipped with a SD card holder (Magna Blend Pro option) or USB port so operators can easily upload signature recipes. This feature gives staff a programmable menu that ensures a consistent product produced quickly every time. This option is also ideal for franchisees, allowing them to easily program recipes into the unit with a laptop.

Many Menu Options

A Magna Blend unit is able to produce almost any beverage recipe and comes with a long list of possible menu options. The commercial blender is capable of producing fruit smoothies, java drinks, and other beverages customers crave. (Contact a commercial equipment pro for possible menu ideas that customers of all ages love.)

Impressive Ice Storage Capability

The Magna Blend beverage stage is equipped standard with a 13-pound ice storage bin. There is also an optional extra-large 28-pound ice storage bin. The result is less ice loading, which allows operators to produce more volume during peak times.

Efficient Set Up

The Magna Blend Commercial Blender is more than just a blender. This beverage station includes an integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station. The efficient set up boosts productivity because workers don’t have to go between prep stations. A refrigerated cabinet in the Magna Blend Pro drink mixer holds up to 8 ready-to-use mixes completes the beverage station set up and allows for quick product production. (Contact a commercial equipment professional for specs for different Magna Blend models.) The Magna Blend Pro also provides convenient cup dispensing to ensure that beverages are produced quickly and efficiently.  


This commercial blender is incredibly to use with an intuitive touch screen or easy-to-use buttons. Operators only have to select the flavor and serving size to get a consistent product every time. The latter option ensures less product waste and efficient production. Operators need to provide minimal training to employees because it is so easy-to-use.

Minimal Requirements

This beverage blending station has minimal requirements for operation. Operators only need to provide an electrical outlet (see spec sheet for electrical requirements), drain, and a hot or cold water supply line for the rinse station. (Contact a commercial equipment professional for exact blender specs, such as size and other machine details.) The compact size of the Magna Blend Commercial Blender is ideal for a food service operation who need a small unit with big capabilities.

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