Say Hello to Summer With the Taylor Frozen Beverage Slushie Machine

Did you know that slushies hit the market way back in 1966?

It’s seen a few iterations since, like ICEE, Slush Puppie, or Slurpee. Needless to say, slushies have become a staple of American culture.

That’s why it’s a good idea for your business to invest in a slushie machine. In fact, it’s a must-have among all commercial restaurant equipment. 

Still aren’t sold? Keep reading to discover the perks of a frozen drink machine.

They’re Timeless

Most convenient stores serve slushies. This means that skipping the commercial frozen drink machine will put you behind your competition.

Additionally, Americans of all ages love buying slushies on a hot summer day in Wisconsin. They’re not just for kids. Adults love the slushie machine and shake machine too, especially if they’re mixed with alcohol.

You can find the best commercial margarita machine from Taylor for your adult audience. They come with pre-made frozen cocktail slush syrups.

These syrups come in flavors like blue raspberry, strawberry, pina colpiña, and more. Needless to say, your adult customers will never be bored.

Still, a good old-fashioned slushie hits the spot. Smell is the most nostalgic of our senses, but don’t underestimate the power of taste. In other words, slushies taste like nostalgia, laughter, and lifelong friendships.

They’re Versatile

A commercial slushie machine doesn’t make just one flavor. Think about how many options customers have. There’s a good chance the slush machine will have the exact flavor they’re in the mood for.

Taylor has the best commercial frozen drink machine. This is because it also functions as a smoothie machine, an ice cream machine, a milkshake machine, and more.

They Make You Money

Due to the popularity of the slushie machine, you can count on a strong stream of revenue from new and existing customers, especially in the summertime.

In fact, you can use your frozen drink machine as a marketing tool. In the summer, a slush machine can really amp things up and draw attention to your business.

Don’t underestimate how successful a commercial frozen drink machine can be in the winter, too! With a clever marketing campaign, you can turn the popular summer drink into a cold-weather treat, even in Wisconsin.

They’re Robust and Reliable

A Taylor ice cream machine or slush machine is one of the best investments you can make because of how reliable they are. All the features make them easy to operate, too. 

This is because the slush machine can go for hours at a time. The robust refrigeration system guarantees that the product freezes quickly and stays frozen all day. Additionally, it helps maintain the products’ consistency.

Buying A Slushie Machine for Your Business

There’s hardly any kind of drink more Americana than a slushie. Businesses can really take things up a notch by investing in a slushie machine from Taylor.

Not only do they appeal to kids, but adults love the alcoholic possibilities that a frozen drink machine can offer.

Ready to say hello summer? Drop us a line today.

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