Serve 8 Flavors With a Flavor Burst® Soft Serve System

Summer season is just right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start imagining new menu offerings for your patrons. As the days get warmer, people are looking for something sweet and cool in their taste buds to satisfy all their cravings. What better way to give your customers some options than with a Flavor Burst® soft serve system? With this cutting-edge add-on to your existing soft serve freezer, you can serve up to 8 different flavors to make an entire family or friend group happy. Learn more about all the things that a Flavor Burst® soft serve system can do for you below!

Top Features of the Flavor Burst® Soft Serve System

If you already own a soft-serve freezer, the Flavor Burst® soft serve system is a game-changing upgrade. It’s a way to add many flavors to your soft serve product by “striping” them from a single nozzle. The product is flavored all the way through, thanks to the technology that strips both the exterior and the center of the soft serve product. If you want to mix flavors, the Flavor Burst® soft serve system also combines flavors at the spout. Simply choose your flavors from the screen, start the machine, and serve!

Choose Your 8 From 38 Different Flavors

With a Flavor Burst® soft serve system, you can select up to 8 striping flavors for your shop or restaurant from a vast selection of 38 different flavors. Each and every syrup is free of gluten as well as most allergens. Each bag is one gallon in size and includes concentrated flavoring that does not need to be refrigerated, with a shelf life of two years.


The Flavor Burst® soft serve system works for many different frozen dessert applications. Some of the amazing treats you can use this system with include the following: 

  • Soft Serves
  • Frozen Yogurts
  • Custard Desserts
  • Ice Cream

Simple to Clean

The Flavor Burst® soft serve system has a convenient clean-in-place technology that makes it easy to maintain between servings. It includes a built-in sanitizer tank that you can use to clean the spout, syrup lines, pumps, and bag connectors.

Easy to Operate

Cut kitchen time as well as reduce staff training time with the Flavor Burst® soft serve system’s one-step technology. As mentioned before, simply select your chosen flavor from the touchscreen menu, and start serving!

Kick Off the Summer Season With a Flavor Burst® Soft Serve System in Wisconsin

If you’re looking for a new and exciting way to amp up your frozen offerings, Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. has your new Flavor Burst® soft serve system in Wisconsin. For over 60 years, we have supplied Wisconsin and the surrounding areas with some of the best and most advanced professional equipment in food service. As a trusted supplier of commercial kitchen equipment, we also provide repair services for all of our machines using only genuine OEM parts. To get a consultation about which equipment is best for your kitchen, contact us today.

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