Why the MagnaBlend Series Is Worth the Investment

Frozen beverages are the perfect solution for cooling off during hot summer days. Your restaurant is missing out on profit if you have not invested in a MagnaBlend frozen beverage station from Taylor Enterprises of WI. The integrated shaved ice dispenser and rinse station save time between drinks. Read ahead to learn more about the MagnaBlend Series and how it can increase your profits and make your life easier. 

A MagnaBlend for Every Need

The MagnaBlend Series is available in two sizes to cater to your business needs. If you own a small shop with only one entrance point, the original Magnablend is perfect for you. This sleek machine is no larger than your coffee machine. It fits perfectly on counters and provides undeniable convenience. 

On the other hand, the MagnaBlend Pro is suitable for larger businesses with more floor space and a drive-thru. With the MagnaBlend Pro, guests won’t need to worry about long waits. In no time, they will have their frozen drinks to take away the heat of the summer. 

Who Doesn’t Love a Good Frozen Drink?

The beauty of a frozen drink is that there are endless possibilities. Your favorite alcohol, coffee, or lemonade can be transformed into a tastier version with perfectly crushed ice. When you purchase a MagnaBlend or MagnaBlend Pro, customers will have little to no wait times for their frozen drink of choice. 

When you created the menu for your business, you knew what your customers liked, which is why they will be excited to see frozen versions of your signature beverages. Let’s face it. Drinks are better when you are forced to savor the taste. After all, no one likes to get a brain freeze.  

Convenience Like No Other

The MagnaBlend Series offers convenience like you have never seen before. These machines were designed for quick and efficient service, which is why they have been jam-packed with unique features. 

The first is the speed. The turnaround time for a drink when using a MagnaBlend frozen beverage station is only 9 seconds! 

The next is convenience. There is no need to shuffle between stations when you use a MagnaBlend or MagnaBlend Pro because everything you need has been built into one. Blend, rinse, and repeat without moving an inch. 

Finally is connectivity. Connect your device to upload your newest recipe and even share it with your network using these machines. The MagnaBlend Series offers next-generation technology in one place. 

Blend, Rinse, and Repeat With a MagnaBlend Series Frozen Beverage Station in Wisconsin

Taylor Enterprises of WI, Inc. is your go-to source for food service equipment and frozen beverage stations in Wisconsin. As an exclusive distributor of Taylor® equipment that has been serving the Wisconsin area for several decades, customer satisfaction is one of our key priorities. More than just a company that sells equipment, we also service and repair all of our machines using only OEM parts. Contact us today to receive your custom quote.

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