Your Brief Guide to Buying a Frozen Yogurt Machine

Are you looking for ways to get more people in the door of your restaurant, bar, or commercial grill? With the economy going the way it’s going and the ill effects of the pandemic, many businesses today are simply looking for strategies to survive. Purchasing a frozen yogurt machine could be the answer—hear us out.

Everyone loves a sweet treat, right? But in America, obesity is an epidemic. In Wisconsin, 64% of all adults are obese.

Because of this, a frozen yogurt machine would make a delicious and healthy alternative to a milkshake machine, slushie machine, or soft-serve ice cream machine. Your customers will love it!

If you’re looking into buying a commercial frozen yogurt machine, this is the guide you need to see. Read on for everything you need to know.

Frozen Yogurt Machine Features to Note

Whether you’re starting your own frozen yogurt business or merely interested in adding one to your existing business, there are some things you’ll need to know about frozen yogurt machines and how they work. A fro-yo machine is very different than a frozen drink machine or smoothie machine, for example.

So, what are some things you should look at? First is the capacity of the machine. How many servings does it produce per minute?

Think about the size of your business and how many customers you’d usually serve in a given shift. You don’t want to get one that’s too big or too small.

Next, you want to check what kind of bells and whistles it’s got. What sort of cooling system does it use? Does it have an alarm to alert you when the mix is low?

If you’ve never used a frozen yogurt machine before then, you will want it to be as easy to use and easy to clean as possible. These are all questions you can ask the vendor before you purchase.

Alternatives to Frozen Yogurt Machines

In case you were on the fence about purchasing a frozen yogurt machine, there are some great alternatives you can consider. If you’ve got a lot of adult customers, they’ll really appreciate you having the best commercial margarita machine at their disposal. A commercial smoothie machine or Henny Penny pressure fryer could also be good investments.

Your main aim is to expand the offering of your business or improve the products you do offer. This is how you’ll keep your remaining customers and win new ones.

Boost Your Business to New Heights Today

No matter what kind of establishment you’ve got, we’ve got the perfect equipment for you. Not only a frozen yogurt machine but also an electromenu, hot holding cabinet, slush machine, Taylor ice cream machine, and more.

We’ve got a range of top-of-the-line products, including the very best commercial frozen drink machine, flavor burst ice cream machine, and shake machine you’re likely to find. If you’d like to order, our famous Taylor soft serve ice cream machine or anything else, get in touch today.

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