Adding the Right Shake Machine to Your Wisconsin Ice Cream Parlor

Americans put away more than 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream every year. Wisconsin’s population ranks among the most addicted. While a fair amount of it gets eaten in its familiar scoop form, a lot of it turns into floats, shakes, and other delicious treats.

The Midwest’s love affair with the milkshake began with its invention, too. Both malt powder and the modern milkshake were invented in Chicago.

That’s why any ice cream parlor, restaurant, or malt shop in the Midwest should have a high-quality milkshake machine. If your customers just wanted ice cream and milk in a blender, they could get that at home.

This article will cover the considerations you should make when you try to spot a good milkshake machine for sale. 

Choosing a Shake Machine

Choosing a shake machine will require you to take a good look at your business’s fine points. How much traffic do you get? How much time and business effort do you expect to spend on milkshakes?

If shakes are your main star, the right milkshake machine will look different from if you mostly deal in scooped ice cream or even non-frozen products. Select a shake machine appropriate to the scale of your business.

Number of Spindles and Cups

If you operate in a high-traffic area or expect shakes to be the main part of your business, you’ll need a machine with multiple spindles. Having multiple spindles allows you to prepare lots of shakes at once, especially if you have separate controls for each spindle.

You can mitigate this need to some extent if your machine has a timer. If all you need to do is set and forget a milkshake, it won’t take up as much of your time, even if you have to handle a lot of shakes at once.


How easy your machine is to service can also be important. Some machines provide robust user manuals. Others require technicians for just about everything.

Again, how much you rely on the shake machine specifically should inform your decisions here. If you aren’t confident in servicing it yourself, look into forming a partnership with a company that will service the shake machine.

Special Notes for Franchises

If you’re a franchisee, the franchisor may have rules on which ice cream machine you select. Some companies mandate that you use a specific Taylor milkshake machine, for instance, to ensure that your restaurant in Wisconsin provides the same experience as another franchisee in Texas.

If you’re part of a franchise, consult any documents regarding equipment before purchasing a milkshake machine.

Shake Your Business Up

Adding a shake machine to your ice cream business can free up your blender for other purposes, provide better consistency, and make preparation easier for staff. As long as you take your service needs and scale into consideration, you’ll select the right machine.

If you’re looking to purchase or service a Taylor ice cream machine for your business, we’ve got you covered. Get in contact with us today.

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