Quick Guide to Commercial Chicken Frying Equipment

Commercial chicken frying equipment is the start of a delicious—and popular—menu offering. Chicken is an American favorite, surpassing sales of beef every year. Basically, it makes cents (pun intended) for restaurant owners to know their options for commercial fryers, plus the breading and warmers that makes chicken delicious and keeps it fresh.

Commercial Chicken Frying Equipment

Open Fryers

Open fryers are versatile commercial chicken frying equipment, able to fry breaded chicken, chicken tenders, chicken wings, and other customer favorites. When purchasing an open fryer, owners and managers should choose the right unit based on the volume of product sold, amount of menu offerings, and size available in the kitchen footprint.

Open fryers are available in a variety of sizes. Countertop ventless units are enclosed and compact, reducing the risk of fire and injury and taking up very little counter space. These Perfect Fry fryers don’t require a vent or hood so they can be moved around during moves or when the kitchen layout changes. Floor models have multiple vats; restaurants should consult a commercial equipment professional to determine how many vats are needed to produce the right volume of product during busy times.

If restaurants want to offer a wide variety of menu offerings, owners and managers should look for fryers with the capability to store many different programmed cook cycles. Programmable fryers ensure a quality product every time and reduce training costs.

Pressure Fryers

Henny Penny pressure fryers cook chicken in a pressurized bubble, trapping in flavor, nutrients, and natural juices. These fryers cook chicken at a lower temperature which decreases operating costs, extends oil life, and uses less energy. Chicken is also produced in less time in a pressure fryer than in an open fryer.

Pressure fryers also come with pre-programmed cycles that ensure a quality product. Though these chicken fryers cost more than open fryers, the lower energy costs may offset the higher cost. Owners and managers should contact a food service professional for a full cost analysis. In addition to chicken, turkey, pork, and fish can also be cooked in a pressure fryer.

Chicken Breading

Breaded chicken is a popular menu item and comes in a variety of seasonings. There are 16 varieties of Henny Penny breading and seasonings that fit every menu and taste.

If the cost and labor time for breading is a concern, there are automatic breading machines designed to provide high volume fried chicken operations with a constant supply of freshly breaded product. These automatic breading machines also guarantee an evenly breaded and seasoned product. Chicken breading machines are also small enough to fit on countertops.


Warmers are commercial equipment that extend the holding time of chicken and keep chicken tasting fresh for customers. Some warmers are enclosed for kitchen use, while other merchandisers are designed for display and customer sales. These Henny Penny merchandisers keep food at a safe holding temperature, and preserve the fresh taste customers love.

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