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7 Things to Know About the Perfect Fry Deep Fryer

The Perfect Fry Deep Fryer is the essence of the saying, “big things come in small packages.” These deep fryers are compact and productive, producing large quantities of customers’ favorites on demand. Fortunately, that’s not all there is to know when purchasing the Perfect Fry Deep Fryer. The Perfect Fry countertop deep fryers don’t require

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Your Guide to Commercial Countertop Deep Fryers

Want to offer fried foods, but don’t have a ton of countertop space? Fortunately, there are many commercial countertop deep fryers that produce customers’ favorites (French fries, fried cheese sticks, etc.) without occupying a large amount of space. Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer There are a number of factors to

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7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Deep Fryer

The commercial deep fryer is the workhorse of a commercial kitchen, producing everyone’s favorite fried foods. Because it is frequently used (over and over and over again), it makes cents (literally) to narrow down the options for the best commercial deep fryer with these questions. The selection process starts by asking questions and proceeds with

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4 Commercial Deep Fryer Myths Explained

Commercial deep fryers are the source of many delicious fried foods—and myths that come with these commercial workhorses. There are a lot of commercial deep fryers on the market, and it’s easy to believe these myths that can cost food service operation time and money. Myth: All commercial deep fryers occupy a lot of floor

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11 HUGE (and Quick) Benefits of Ventless Deep Fryers

Commercial deep fryers produce some of Midwesterners’ favorite foods: mozzarella sticks, chicken tenders, fried fish…the list can go and on and on. In addition to making customer favorites, ventless deep fryers come with a wide variety of ‘pros’ that make the ventless countertop deep fryer perfect for (almost) any commercial kitchen. Makes Wide Variety of

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Open Fryer or Pressure Fryer: What is right for your business?

The decision to offer food at a business or to add fried foods to a menu comes with a host of decisions and questions, such as, “What foods do we want to offer? How much space do we have for the new equipment?” After some research, this question is inevitably added to the list: “Should

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