7 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Commercial Deep Fryer

The commercial deep fryer is the workhorse of a commercial kitchen, producing everyone’s favorite fried foods. Because it is frequently used (over and over and over again), it makes cents (literally) to narrow down the options for the best commercial deep fryer with these questions. The selection process starts by asking questions and proceeds with contacting a professional that connects businesses with the best commercial deep fryers.

What size fits our kitchen footprint? What commercial deep fryer produces enough product for customers?

This question about commercial deep fryers involves both the size of the unit and the volume it produces. Deep fryers come in (almost) every size that can fit into a small concession stand or a large restaurant kitchen. Small counter top deep fryers are ideal for more compact spaces, while larger auto lift open fryers can hold six fryer baskets or more.

In addition to size, commercial kitchen operations should also ask about the volume of fried foods that the fryer can produce—and make sure it fits with expected volume of product sold. If the volume the deep fryer produces is significantly less than needed, the less expensive option can increase customer wait times and result in lost sales.

What energy source does the deep fryer require? Will a gas or electric deep fryer meet the kitchen needs?

Deep fryers typically require gas or electric for energy. Before purchasing a commercial deep fryer, commercial kitchens should do their research to make sure they choose the right commercial deep fryer. Some kitchens may not have a natural gas or propane gas hook-up, crossing gas commercial deep fryers off the list.

If a kitchen does have access to gas, the next question to ask is which kind of fryer is most efficient and can meet kitchen needs. Gas commercial deep fryers typically cost less to operate in the long-term, though electric deep fryers are easier to install. Because of the ease of hook-up, electric deep fryers are fairly easy to move as well (if they don’t require a hood).

Is a specialized fryer needed for the product?

In some cases, a specialty deep fryer is the more economical choice. There are several specialty fryers, such as funnel cake fryer and corn dog fryer. These open fryers are specifically designed to produce high-quality products quickly, such as a funnel cake fryer which produces funnel cakes without burning.

Specialty fryers are the answer for businesses that sell a large quantity of a single type of item. In addition to producing a quality product, these fryers ensure that the menu item is made with little turnaround.

Would a pressure fryer be a better choice?

For businesses who fry protein, a pressure fryer has clear advantages over an open fryer. Pressure fryers cook food in an enclosed, pressurized environment and use turbulence to evenly heat proteins (i.e. chicken, turkey, pork, fish, etc.). This frying process yields more flavorful food, reduces cooking times, decreases energy usage, and extends oil life.

Are there any additional fryer features that are needed?

Many open fryers come with features that can make the cooking process more efficient and easier. Some deep fryers are manufactured with programmable presets that make the process virtually automatic requires no additional staff training. To select the best deep fryer, contact a professional to choose the fryer that meets—and exceeds—business expectations.

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