Countertop Commercial Equipment that Makes a BIG Impact

Countertop commercial equipment is proof that big things do come in small packages. These pieces of commercial food service equipment are perfect for food service operations with small kitchen footprints or minimal available space.

Considerations When Purchasing Countertop Commercial Equipment

There are many things to consider when purchasing countertop commercial equipment. Once these factors have been considered, food service owners and managers should consult a commercial equipment professional to get information about a specific countertop commercial equipment.


The first step is to evaluate countertop space and determine how much space is open for the piece of countertop commercial equipment. Many pieces of commercial equipment need space for hook-ups and ventilation; restaurant managers should make allowances for these considerations when evaluating space.


In addition to the physical size of commercial equipment, owners and managers should also ensure that the equipment produces enough product to meet demand during peak times. Fryers should produce enough product to meet customer demands. Fry storage units should keep the optimal amount of product crisp and fresh for orders. Rotisseries should be able to cook enough birds for peak lunch and dinner times. Typically, these output specifications are found in the product manual or can be obtained by contacting a commercial equipment professional.

Power Source

Electric is the most common power source for countertop commercial equipment. However, there is some equipment that utilizes gas. If both options are offered, owners and managers should evaluate the long-term costs of an electric unit versus a gas unit.

Venting Needs

Almost all countertop commercial equipment does not require a vent. However, there may be some instances where a vent is recommended for optimal operation. In these cases, food service operations need to allow space for venting equipment.

There may be other considerations for specific types of commercial countertop equipment. Contact a commercial equipment professional for detailed information about the specific type of equipment.

Countertop Commercial Equipment

Almost any menu item can be produced on a piece of countertop commercial equipment, including customer favorites like chicken tenders, French fries, rotisserie chicken, ice cream cones, and slushies.


Countertop fryers may be compact, but they produce some of the most popular menu items. Though many associate commercial countertop fryers with French fries, they can also produce chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, and other menu items.

Some countertop fryers, including Perfect Fry fryers, are semi-automated or automated. These units feature programmable pre-sets that allow for perfect products every time. The programming also makes production easier and minimizes staff training. Perfect Fry fryers do not require a hood or vent, which is a considerable savings. These units also have integral fire suppression, which is safer for food service operations and employees.

Fry Warmers

One of the biggest challenges of any food service operation is keeping food crisp and ready for serving. This is the goal of the fry warmer, though the name is a misleading. Fry warmers also work on other products, ensuring a quality product during peak serving times.

Perfect Fry Crisp N’ Hold Food Stations are available with dishwasher safe components that are easy-to-clean. These units feature accurate temperature controls that give food services longer hold times.

Combi Ovens

Combi ovens are an innovative countertop commercial appliance that is the essence of multi-purpose. These ovens are can poach, roast, steam, braise, smoke, and dehydrate food. This one appliance can replace a convection oven, steamer, and grill, making it an incredibly versatile commercial kitchen appliance with a smaller footprint than all the other kitchen appliances they can replace.

Henny Penny Combi Ovens come with accurate controls that use dry or moist heat, or a precise combination of both. These Combi Ovens store as many as 50 multi-stage cooking programs, which gives food service operations the ability to guarantee a quality product and efficient process.


Rotisseries typically are used to produce chicken, though some rotisseries can also cook ribs, fish, casseroles, and even pastries. In addition to cooking, a quality commercial rotisserie oven showcases the product and creates a full-sensory experience for customers, increasing impulse sales.

Henny Penny Rotisseries are available in countertop models for compact kitchens and can be stacked for larger food service operations. Though Henny Penny Rotisseries occupy a small footprint, each countertop commercial oven holds 24 whole birds. Every bird in the load is evenly cooked with Henny Penny’s THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process. The process combines cross-flow convection cooking with radiant heat. The combination produces a perfectly-browned, evenly-heated product in less time than other rotisseries. Probe cooking ensures that the product is thoroughly heated and at a safe temperature.

Soft Serve Machines

A countertop soft serve machine may be small, but it’s a big hit with customers of all ages. Compact soft serve machines offer single or multi-flavors to food service operations. Even with a single flavor machine, food service operations can offer a full menu of different ice cream desserts (i.e. sundaes, scoops with toppings, etc.) and choose between ice cream, yogurt, custard, and sorbet.

Taylor soft serve machines come with indicator lights that alert operators when mix is low or out. These commercial countertop units come with standby features maintain safe product temperature in mix hopper and freezing cylinder.

Frozen Beverage Freezers

Frozen beverage freezers allow food service operations to offer a variety of drinks, including granitas, frozen cocktails, fruit juices, smoothies, coffees, cappuccino, and tea slush beverages. These machines can be a customer hit because it produces some unique—and popular—items.

Taylor frozen beverage freezers come with multiple cylinders so food service operations can offer different flavors and offerings. These units also come with appealing designs that increase impulse sales with young and adult customers. With so many possibilities, food service owners and managers should consult a commercial equipment professional to choose the right unit that is right for their restaurant.

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