Quick Guide to Henny Penny Rotisseries

Henny Penny Rotisseries produce perfectly-cooked chicken and so much more—in less time. These commercial chicken rotisseries also cook ribs, fish, casseroles, and even pastries (with interchangeable spits, racks or baskets). Henny Penny Rotisseries not only evenly heat these menu items, but also does it in less time than other rotisseries.

What features of the Rotisserie make it appealing to customers?

Henny Penny Rotisseries are designed with both the operator and customer in mind. These units are constructed with tempered glass that is both durable and lighting that allows the customers to see the product throughout the cooking process. The incandescent lighting provides a warm, even illumination. The units come with magnetic door closures and an optional customer side handle. The even cooking process also produces a full-sensory experience that makes customers crave the finished product.

How many cook cycles can be programmed into a Henny Penny Rotisserie?

Each Henny Penny commercial oven is capable of holding nine different programmable cycles. If the rotisseries are stacked, each oven acts as an individual unit and gives restaurants the capability to have 18 different programmable cook cycles. Programming and operation are fairly easy with LED screens that display both time and temperature display. For a delicious and appealing product, these commercial units come with programmable browning and texture control. In addition to easy-to-program, the features can be configured on control side and customer side.

What is the capacity of the Henny Penny Rotisserie?

Henny Penny Rotisseries are available in countertop models for compact kitchens and can be stacked for larger food service operations. Though Henny Penny Rotisseries occupy a small footprint, each commercial oven holds 24 whole birds. When the units are stacked, the capacity doubles to 48 birds. (Contact a commercial equipment professional for more information on available Henny Penny Rotisserie models.) A stacked unit delivers twice the product without taking up any more floor space for optimal efficiency.

Every bird in the load is evenly cooked with Henny Penny’s THERMA-VEC® Even Heat Process. The process combines cross-flow convection cooking with radiant heat. The combination produces a perfectly-browned, evenly-heated product in less time than other rotisseries. Probe cooking ensures that the product is thoroughly heated and at a safe temperature.

How is easy is it to clean the Henny Penny Rotisserie?

Henny Penny Rotisseries are constructed to meet the highest standards throughout the life of the commercial unit. They have a fully insulated top and sidewalls. The machines are manufactured with stainless steel for a long life and easy cleaning.

Mobile loading stands are available for easy loading, and the unit itself comes with a spit rotation switch for easy loading. The unit rotation stops when the door opens. Stackable units can be mounted on casters that makes loading and operation efficient and easy. The spits and interiors are coated so the unit can be quickly and easily cleaned (requiring less training time and labor). The drive assembly, drip trays, and drain pans disassemble easily.

Though the process is cutting-edge, the Henny Penny Rotisserie is comprised of a simple three-piece drive tube and rotor assembly for easy servicing, operation, and cleaning.

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