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perfectly cooked rotisserie chicken from Henny Penny Rotisserie
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Quick Guide to Henny Penny Rotisseries

Henny Penny Rotisseries produce perfectly-cooked chicken and so much more—in less time. These commercial chicken rotisseries also cook ribs, fish, casseroles, and even pastries (with interchangeable spits, racks or baskets). Henny Penny Rotisseries not only evenly heat these menu items, but also does it in less time than other rotisseries. What features of the Rotisserie

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fried chicken and fries made in henny penny fryer
Henny Penny

How to Choose the Right Henny Penny Fryer

Henny Penny fryers are high-quality commercial fryers, producing classic customer favorites—plus new dishes that customers don’t even know they want yet. These deep and pressure fryers quickly become the center of commercial kitchen operations, but the first step is choosing the Henny Penny fryer that fits the needs of the restaurant or business. Deep Fryer

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Henny Penny Pressure Fryer

What are the benefits of pressure fryers?

Fried foods are a key part of any menu, and a reason customers flock to businesses with the best chicken, pork, turkey, and fish around (because a good Wisconsin menu always includes a fish fry). These popular menu items can be produced better and more efficiently in a pressure fryer, making this piece of kitchen

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